About the Van Vleet Foundation

Harriet Smith Van Vleet

The Van Vleet Foundation was created in 1962 by Harriet Smith Van Vleet. She was the widow of McKay Van Vleet, who, with his father, Peter D. Van Vleet, established a major pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise know today as McKesson Drug Company.

The purposes and objectives of the foundation are as follows:

  • Support and encourage education in all fields, including but not restricted to the creation and maintenance of scholarships by loan and/or grant to deserving persons
  • Support and encourage scientific research and investigation in all fields but especially in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, public health, and allied sciences and services
  • Support charitable institutions and projects
  • Support and/or contribute to projects of public health and/or recreation.

The College of Pharmacy received funds from the Van Vleet Foundation to establish the Harriet S. Van Vleet Professor or Pharmacy to assist in attracting a distinguished researcher and teacher to the College of Pharmacy faculty. The recipient is expected to establish a nationally recognized research program and attract outstanding graduate students and pharmaceutical scientists.

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