Health Outcomes and Policy Research: Pharmacoeconomics

The Ph.D. program in health outcomes and policy research, with a concentration in pharmacoeconomics, is designed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for evaluation of the economic, clinical and humanistic outcomes of medical treatment. The Program focuses on producing graduates for positions that focus on research, and less on positions that are administrative, such as hospital administration.

Topics addressed in the program include the many facets of economics in healthcare, including the use of pharmaceuticals, appropriateness and quality of care, patient outcomes, patient satisfaction with care, costs of both appropriate and inappropriate medication use, public policies related to health care and pharmacoepidemiological considerations. The course of study examines the respective roles and behaviors of the healthcare professionals (e.g., physicians, pharmacists, nurses, allied health) involved in patient care and the influence of healthcare-related organizations (e.g., managed care, health maintenance organizations, public and private insurance, pharmaceutical manufacturers) on health outcomes. Very important to the medication use process and the understanding of health disparities is the role of the patient. An additional area of focus includes economic, clinical, and humanistic outcomes of Medication Therapy Management Services.

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