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Regular Part-time/Part-time Special Appointment

Part-time faculty participate in the educational mission of the College of Pharmacy. This can include activity in didactic education and experiential learning. Some part-time faculty are course directors for didactic electives and most of them provide an APPE in the various areas of experiential learning. It is quite common for part-time faculty to have educational assignments in experiential courses like Applied Therapeutics. Service activity through committee assignments in the College of Pharmacy is available to some part-time faculty. Also, some part-time faculty contribute regularly in the area of scholarly activity. Collaboration between full-time and part-time faculty in scholarship occurs.

First Name Last
Site E-mail
Joyce Broyles Methodist University Hospital
Gail Hamann Regional Medical Center at Memphis
Kelley Lee LeBonheur Children's Hospital
Marilyn Lee Regional Medical Center at Memphis
Nathan Rawls VA Medical Center - Memphis
Ann Reaves Methodist University Hospital
Melanie Swims VA Medical Center - Memphis
Alison Apple Methodist University Hospital
Laleh Azari Methodist University Hospital
Brett Balderson Baptist Memorial Hospital - Memphis
David Ball Regional Medical Center at Memphis
David Bell University of Tennessee Medical Center
Jessica Bennett VA Medical Center - Memphis
Allyson Berg LeBonheur Children's Medical Center
Kelly Bobo LeBonheur Children's Medical Center
Mary Ellen Bond Cox University of Tennessee Medical Center
Rhonda Boutte VA Medical Center - Memphis
Megan Brockman University of Tennessee Medical Center
Kaleb Brown Methodist Healthcare North
Carrie Brusseau University of Tennessee Medical Center
Laura Bullock University of Tennessee Knoxville
Ginger Burton Baptist Memorial Hospital - Memphis
Jennifer Campbell Regional Medical Center at Memphis
Paige Clement Regional Medical Center at Memphis
David Cornelius University of Tennessee Medical Center
Sadie Cox LeBonheur Children's Medical Center
Erin Dempsey Regional Medical Center at Memphis
Ryan Duncan Baptist Memorial Hospital - Memphis
Benjamin Eddlemon Baptist Memorial Hospital - Memphis
Brandon Edgerson LeBonheur Children's Medical Center
Amy Evans Baptist Memorial Hospital - Memphis
Barbara Faircloth University of Tennessee Medical Center
Chris Finch Methodist University Hospital
Travis Fleming University of Tennessee Medical Center
Kevin Freeman VA Medical Center - Memphis
Kan Gaston Regional Medical Center at Memphis
Amanda Gillion Regional Medical Center at Memphis
Heather Griffin Baptist Memorial Hospital - Memphis
Silva Hanissian Baptist Memorial Hospital - Memphis
David Hill Regional Medical Center at Memphis
Whitney Holmes Baptist Memorial Hospital - Memphis
Jonathan Hoover VA Medical Center - Memphis
April Hurdle Methodist University Hospital
Anna Jacobs Methodist University Hospital
Jan Jones Fred's Pharmacy - Bartlett
Leonette Kemp Methodist University Hospital
Lauren Kimmons Methodist University Hospital
Amy Krauss Methodist University Hospital
Marilyn Lee Regional Medical Center at Memphis
Jennifer Lenheman-Smith Methodist University
Kim Mason University of Tennessee Medical Center
Shawn McFarland VA Tennessee Valley
Michael McKenzie VA Tennessee Valley
JC McMillen University of Tennessee Medical Center
Kimberly Mendenhall University of Tennessee Medical Center
Jennifer Mendez University of Tennessee Medical Center
Reinaldo Mercado VA Tennessee Valley
James Minnis VA Tennessee Valley
Ted Morton VA Medical Center- Memphis
Bob Moye University of Tennessee Medical Center
Heather Mullins Medical Alternatives
Sarah Nordmeyer University of Tennessee Medical Center
Tara Parish Methodist Germantown
Cassey Peters University of Tennessee Medical Center
Curtis Petty LeBonheur Children's Hospital
Tony Powers Medical Alternatives
Joshua Raines University of Tennessee Medical Center
Kothannur Rajanna VA Medical Center- Memphis
Kristie Ramser Regional Medical Center at Memphis
Cary Rhea Methodist North
Eliza Rinehart Regional Medical Center at Memphis
Maegan Rogers Regional Medical Center at Memphis
Amal Salloum VA Medical Center-Memphis
Beth Segars Methodist University Hospital
Genna Sellers University of Tennessee Medical Center
Larry Shepherd University of Tennessee Medical Center
David Shoop Methodist Germantown
Cindy Smith Reeves-Sain
Kevin Smith VA Medical Center- Memphis
Sundae Stelts Methodist University Hospital
Shannon Stewart VA Medical Center - Memphis
Josh Sullivan VA Medical Center - Memphis
Ashleigh Thompson VA Medical Center - Memphis
Camille Thornton Regional Medical Center at Memphis
Danielle Tice University of Tennessee Medical Center
Anjali Todd University of Tennessee Medical Center
Nick Townsend VA Medical Center - Memphis
May Trezevant Methodist Germantown
Jennifer Twilla Methodist University Hospital
April Ungar VA TN Valley Healthcare System
Justin Usery Methodist University Hospital
Deanna Wentworth University of Tennessee Medical Center
Amy Wilson VA Tennessee Valley
Shauna Winters University of Tennessee Medical Center
Susan Woodard VA TN Valley Healthcare System
Mary Yates Methodist Germantown


Affiliated faculty usually exist in small or large groups through an affiliation between their respective place of employment and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center through the College of Pharmacy. This most often exists in institutions like hospitals or health-care systems. Most affiliated faculty support the educational mission of the College of Pharmacy by offering APPEs or IPPEs. Participation in Applied Therapeutics and as didactic elective course directors comes from many affiliated faculty.

First Name Last
Site E-mail
Kimberly Adair The Pharmacy at LivingWell - Gallatin
Steve Adams St Thomas Hospital West
Haley Addis Parrallon Supply Chain Solutions
Suzan Ali Kroger Pharmacy Mid South Division
Karen Babb Memorial Hospital
Krista Bachert Baptist Desoto
Clara Bailey Baptist Desoto
Doug Bailey Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center
Jennifer Baker VA TN Valley Healthcare System
Sharyn Baker St Jude Children's Hospital
Stefanie Bala Vanderbilt University Hospital
Deleca Barnes Maxor Correctional Pharmacy Services
Rachel Barnes Duren Healthmart Pharmacy
Trent Beach Community Health System
Jennifer Bean VA TN Valley Healthcare System
Craig Beavers Centennial Medical Center
Shannon Beckman Reeves-Sain Drugstore
Paula Bell Methodist Healthcare North
Cassie Benge VA TN Valley Healthcare System
Elizabeth Betchick Methodist Germantown
Jeffrey Binkley Maury Regional Hospital
Crystal Blankenship Hemophilia Health Services
Patrick Blankenship Blount Memorial Hospital
Jay Bobo Memphis Mental Health Institute
Frank Bradford Parkridge Medical Center
Janet Bramell VA - Nashville
Don Branam LaFollete Medical Center
Gail Bridges Accredo Health Group
John Bridges Baptist Memorial Hospital - Memphis
Lonzo Bright Cardinal Health
Allen Broome Erlanger Medical Center
Catherine Brown Main Street Pharmacy
Marcus Brown Clinical Solutions
Kathryn Bruce Vanderbilt University Hospital
Ashley Buckley Jackson Madison County
William Buckner Excelle Rx
Rob Bullington East TN Discount Pharmacy
Christina Burger St Francis Hospital
Haley Burgess HCA Corporate Quality Department
Blossom Burkitt HCA Healthcare
Donna Buss Dyersburg Regional Medical Center
Rusty Cabanaw Jackson Madison County
Chris Cairns University Hospital Lewisham
Sandra Call St Jude Children's Hospital
Julia Carder VA CBOC TN Valley VA
Delia Carias St Jude Children's Hospital
Wes Carnahan VA TN Valley Healthcare System
Susan Carr St Jude Children's Hospital
Regina Cassidy VA TN Valley Healthcare System
Jim Cathey East TN Children's Hospital
Jamie Chapman Blount Memorial Hospital
Cary Chrisman Methodist Medical Center Oak Ridge
Richard Clark St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Karen Clawson Cherokee Health Systems Pharmacy
Stephanie Clayton HCA Corporate
Jennifer Coble Trista Horizon Medical Center
Kevin Coffer Jackson Madison County
Curtis Colbert C&C Pharmacy
Robin Cooke VA TN Valley Healthcare System
Kyle Copeland Parkwest Medical Center
Alan Corley Corley's Pharmacy
Terry Cost Network Healthcare
Laurie Craft Bolivar General Hospital
Brad Crane Blount Memorial Hospital
Kristine Crews St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Rebecca Cripps TVHS Veteran's Hospital
Shane Cross St Jude Children's Hospital
Todd Crowell St Francis Hospital
Andrea Cumpston Williamson Medical Center
Keri Davenport Summit Medical Center
Dana Davis HCA Healthcare
Curt Dearing Erlanger Health System
Anne DePriest Aegis Sciences
Maggie Devier St Thomas Hospital
Ashley Dick PharmaCare Compounding Solutions
James "Brad" Doby St Francis Bartlett
Marcus Dortch HealthTrust
Alice Driscoll Williamson Medical Center
Katie Duffy Erlanger Health System
John Duncan Knox County Health Department
Jeffrey Duren Duren Healthmart Pharmacy
Jerry Duren Duren Pharmacy
Angela Dyer Williamson Medical Center
Leigh Edwards VA TN Valley Healthcare System
Alison Eggleton Addenbrooke's NHS Trust
Eve Elias Summit Medical Center
William Evans St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Kevin Evetts Regional Medical Center at Memphisicine Shoppe #0746 - Memphis
Jeanne Ezell Blount Memorial Hospital
Alexandria Fagan Centennial Medical Center
Sarah Faro St Jude Children's Hospital
Mike Fesmire West Tennessee Healthcare
Robert Fink Community Health System
Cindy Fisher The Kroger Company - Delta Division
Tiffany Flippin Dyersburg Regional Medical Center
Rodney Franklin Tara Pharmacy
Paige Fuller Vanderbilt Children's Hospital
Wesley Geminn Western Mental Health
Melissa Gervase Vanderbilt University Hospital
Daniel Gharbawy Med Communications
Greg Gibson Jackson Madison County Hospital
Traci Gilliland Fort Sanders West Anticoagulation Clinic
Tim Glascock Surgery Pharmacy Services
Shauna Graham Centennial
Nancy Granger Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center
Camille Graves Methodist Medical Center Oak Ridge
Joy Gray Thompson Infusion Services West
Brandy Greene St Thomas Hospital
Jason Greene Reeves-Sain Drugstore
William Greene St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Nickie Greer HCA Corporate
David Gregornik St Jude Children's Hospital
Joel Griffeth Parkridge Medical Center
Alison Grisso Vanderbilt University Hospital alison.grisso@Vanderbilt.Edu
Dee Guthrie Accredo
John Hagan Springfield Drugs
Cyrine Haidar St Jude Children's Hospital
Susan Hamblin Vanderbilt University Hospital
Cassie Hamilton Erlanger
Howard Hamilton Bradley Veterinary Hospital
Wayne Hamm Community Health Systems
Debbie Harrell Vanderbilt University Hospital
Whitney Harris The Kroger Company - Delta Division
Kevin Hartman Nashville Pharmacy Services
Erika Hasford Maury Regional Medical Center
Kimberly Heath Vanderbilt Children's Hospital
Mark Henegar Okie's Pharmacy
Jeremy Hicks Jackson-Madison County General Hospital
Jennifer Higdon Parkridge Medical Center
Larry Hill Chase Drugs, Inc
Paula Hinson Baptist Desoto
Amy Hodgin St. Thomas Rutherford
James Hoffman St Jude Children's Hospital
Carrie-Ann Hogan Walnut Grove Plaza Pharmacy
Katie Holliday HCA Healthcare
Anna Hollingsworth Southside Drug Company
Chrystal Holmes Maxor Correctional Pharmacy Services
Heather Holt Parkwest Medical Center
Tiffany Hoose Erlanger Medical Center
Jamie Hopkins Jackson Madison Hospital
Becky Horne Parkridge Medical Center
Julie Hudgens St Thomas Rutherford
Will Hudson HCA Corporate
Steve Huffines Vanderbilt University Hospital
Paul Hughey Pharmacare Prescription Shoppe
William Humphrey St Jude Children's Hospital
Nancy Hurt Hardin Medical Center
Jason Hutchens Cookeville Regional Medical Center
Lydia Hutchison Methodist Extended Care Hospital
Bob Irwin GE Healthcare, Memphis
Karen Jacobs Cates Street Pharmacy
Brittney Jennings ContinuumRx
Bryan Jett VA Medical Center Jackson
William Johns Peoples Custom Rx
Daniel Johnson Vanderbilt University Hospital
Steve Johnson Kroger Pharmacy #698 - Knoxville
Wendy Johnson VA Outpatient Clinic Clarksville
Brittany Jonap Methodist North Hospital
Bradley Jones Centennial Medical Center
Steve Jones Regional One Health
Whitney Jones Vanderbilt University Hospital
Dinah Jordan College of Veterinary Medicine, MS State
Astrid Kagedal Sweenen Hospital
Kara Keasler-Fortune HealthTrust
David Kellogg Cumberland Medical Center
John Kelsey Goodlark/East Hickman Pharmacy
Sandra Kennel VA TN Valley Healthcare System
Jason Kizer Kizer Pharmacy
Molly Knostman Vanderbilt University Hospital
James Koren VA Outpatient Clinic Knoxville
Vanessa Kumpf Vanderbilt University Hospital
Amanda LaBuda Methodist Germantown
Kristen Lamb VA TN Valley Healthcare System
Holly Lee Erlanger
Kristen Lee Regional Hospital of Jackson
Mitchell Lingerfelt Kroger - Collierville
Bob Lobo Vanderbilt University Hospital
Jennifer Lockhart Kroger Pharmacy
Joy Longley Erlanger
Rob Lucas Blount Memorial
Ben Luk Baptist Desoto
Carissa Lynch Network Healthcare
Rick Malone Vanderbilt University Hospital richard.e.malone@Vanderbilt.Edu
Greg Marks Centennial Medical Center
Daniel Marsh Memorial Hospital
Rachel Matthews Centennial Medical Center
Jim McBride Clinton Drug Store
Cheri McCook Centennial Medical Center
John McCormick St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Beth Miller Med Communications
Blair Miller Vanderbilt University Hospital blair.miller@Vanderbilt.Edu
Karla Miller HCA Corporate
Katie Miller Aegis Sciences Corporation
Alison Milliken Health Springs
Quentin Minson Skyline Medical Center
Jennifer Moll Med Communications
Cathy Moore Regional One Health
Rita Moore Cherokee Public Health
Lance Morgan Middle TN Mental Health
Susan Morgan Cardinal Health
Timothy Morgan VA TN Valley Healthcare System
Erin Morrison Maury Regional
Ryan Moss Vanderbilt University Hospital
Kimberly Moyers Vanderbilt University Hospital
Bangalore Muniraju LeBonheur Children's Medical Center
Kara Murray Centennial Medical Center
Amy Myers Vanderbilt University Hospital
Johnny Myers VA Mountain Home - Knoxville
Kaia Naantaanbuu Memphis Kwanza
Erin Neal Vanderbilt University Hospital
Cori Nelsen Vanderbilt University Hospital
Cindy Nettle Baptist Memorial Hospital - Memphis
Tara Newton Parish Methodist Germantown
James Nicholson Methodist Oak Ridge
Agatha Nolen HCA Corporate
Kathleen Nolte HCA Supply Chain
Chris Norris Fort Sanders
Todd Oldham Dickson Apothecary
Cathy Oleis Vanderbilt University Hospital cathy.oleis@Vanderbilt.Edu
John Oleis Vanderbilt University Hospital
Sherry Osborne Jackson Madison County
Alan Padgett Fort Sanders
Joseph Pandit Skyline Medical Center
Pratish Patel Vanderbilt University Hospital
Jennifer Pauley St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Laurie Perkins Horizon Medical Center
Alicia Perry HCA Corporate Quality Department
David Perry Maury Regional
Deanna Phillips VA Medical Center - Memphis
Stefanie Pitts Accredo
Amy Potts Vanderbilt University Hospital
Jonathon Pouliot Summit Medical Center
Behnam Pouya Vanderbilt University Hospital
Joe Presley East TN Children's Hospital
Brandi Puet Aegis Sciences Corporation
Alexander Quesenberry Boston-Baskin Cancer Foundation
Amy Redmond Williamson Medical Center
Josh Regel Regel Pharm lab
Mary Relling St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Dennis Roberts Baptist Memorial Hospital - Memphis
Jennifer Robertson St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Jennifer.Robertson@STJUDE.ORG
Marianne Rogers Cookeville Regional
Kelli Rumbaugh Vanderbilt University Hospital
Casey Ryals VA TN Valley Healthcare System
Kay Ryan Regional One Health
Connie Saltsman HCA Healthcare
Brent Salvig VA TN Valley Healthcare System
Jennifer Sandi Centennial Medical Center
Ann-Marie Schuster St. Thomas Rutherford
Jeffrey Scott St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Michelle Settle Cigna Healthcare
Leslie Shepard Dickson Apothecary
Amy Sibold Erlanger
Joseph Silea Excelle Rx
Julie Sinclair-Pingel Vanderbilt University Hospital
Lor Siv-Lee Erlanger
Lacresha Skillern Cigna Healthcare
Claudia Smith Baptist Desoto
Tim Smith P3 Compounding
Dana Sokohl Erlanger
Tim Sowell HCA Corporate
Terry Stevens Veterinary Pharmacy
Clinton Stewart St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Phillip Stewart Vanderbilt University Hospital
Joanna Stollings Vanderbilt University Hospital
Patricia Strickler Parkwest Medical Center
Laurie Sublett Centennial Medical Center
Mark Sullivan Vanderbilt University Hospital
JoLeigh Sutton Jackson Madison County
Hope Swanson St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Cortney Swiggart Methodist South
Debbie Taggard Centennial at Springhill
Amber Taylor Summit Medical Center
Steven Taylor Triad Isotopes
Christie Truscott Vanderbilt University Hospital
Seth Tucker Cookeville Regional
Pam Turner Fort Sanders
Ashley Tyler St. Thomas
Elizabeth Underwood Jackson- Madison County Hospital
Jason Vinson St. Francis Bartlett
Dawn Waddell Baptist Memorial Hospital - Memphis
Christina Waggoner Jackson Madison County
Amy Wainwright Cigna Healthcare
Tom Walker Regional One Health
Deborah Ward St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Bruce Warren St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Penny Watkins Tennova Healthcare
Nancy Watts Chattanooga State Comm. College
Phyllis Weaver Methodist University Hospital
Jennifer West Williamson Medical Center
Casey White Cookeville Regional
Brooke Whitmore-Gross Hendersonville Medical Center
Dan Wichlan Jackson Madison County
Dylan Wilson Jackson Madison County
Lou Ann Wittman Memorial Healthcare System
Neil Wood Summit Medical Center
Diane Woods Memorial Hospital
Timothy Woodward Moccasin Bend
Katy Wright Methodist Oak Ridge
Joseph Ybarra Vanderbilt University Hospital
Ashley Yost St. Thomas Rutherford
Courtney Young Baptist Desoto
Cheryl Zoborowski Peninsula Behavior


Volunteer faculty primarily support the educational mission of the College of Pharmacy. They often provide APPE and IPPE learning experiences. This core of faculty is vitally important for our provision of IPPE community and IPPE institutional. These are core experiences before the APPEs start.

Miranda Abbott Walgreens #10495 - Soddy-Daisy
Daniel Abercrombie Walmart #1320 - Knoxville
Kristin Alvey Walgreens Memphis South, District 111

Kofi Ansah Sells Indian Hospital - Arizona
Gilles Aulangner Laboratoire de Pharmacie Clinique - France
Wendy Baker Walgreens #06143 - Chattanooga
Courtney Ball Sam's Club - Knoxville
Andy Bell Phoenix VA Medical Center
Curtis Bicknell Guardian Pharmacy - Bartlett
Bateena Black Tennessee Pharmacist Association
William Bond Super D West Memphis
Claire Bone Kroger #11549 - Knoxville
Charlesteine Boyle CVS/Caremark Specialty Pharmacy - Nashville
Ron Braden Retired
Matt Burke Wal-Mart #3599 - Bartlett
Tem Chandler Fred's #1491 - Dresden
Allison Chewning The Kroger Company - Delta Division
Mary Jo Collins Walgreens - Knoxville
Micah Cost Tennessee Pharmacist Association
Kristi Curry Target Pharmacy #682 - Germantown
Rory Curtis Walgreens Pharmacy #05953 - Lebanon
Wil Darwin Indian Health Services - New Mexico
Rodney Deal CVS Pharmacy #7608 - Nashville
Julie Dean Kroger Pharmacy Corporate Office
Mark Dearth Super D Jackson
Tim Delaney Tallaght Hospital - Ireland
Katrina Dirkes ExcelleRx
Steven Duke Kroger Pharmacy #00862 - Alcoa
Jackie Encalade Christ Community Health Services
Ronnie Felts Joelton Pharmacy
Thomas Fiebke Wal-Mart - Oak Ridge
Dale Fisher Walgreens at St Frances #15585 - Memphis
Julie Frazier Omnicare
Joe Fuson Pegasus Express Pharmacy
Robert "Ned" Giles Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee
Rende Ginn Madison Pharmacy
Melissa Gonzalez Cherokee Indian Hospital - North Carolina
James Green Target Pharmacy #0151 - Knoxville
Lawrence Hak Retired
Bobby Hoang Walgreens District Office
Andy Holt State Board of Pharmacy
Derek Holyfield Duncan Pharmacy
Arlyn Horn K-mart Pharmacy - Maryville
Holly Hughes Walgreens #05564 - Dickson
Johnny James Baptist Memorial Hospital Tipton
Gabriella Janke Gallop Indian Medical Center - New Mexico
Doreen Jensen Quentin N. Burdick Memorial Healthcare
Judd Jones home
Sandra Jones Walgreens Pharmacy #06465 - Bartlett
Kimberly Keeton Walmart Pharmacy #1318 - Knoxville
Kenji Kihira Hiroshima University Hospital - Japan
Jennifer Kilgore Kroger Pharmacy - Brentwood
Daniel Kyle Walgreens Pharmacy #05502 - Lenoir City
Lisa Lawson The Medicine Shoppe
Emily Layne The Drugstore
Melanie Ledford Tennova Turkey Creek
Scott Leslie Walgreens Pharmacy
Matthew Loftin CVS Pharmacy
Anna Long Target Pharmacy
Jeremy Long City Drug
Christy Lucas Kmart Pharmacy
Paul Mahan Pet Net
Brian Marcantel Sanofi Pharmaceuticals
Lynn Marchetti Kroger - Nashville
William Marcus Bi-Lo Pharmacy
Amanda McCarter Ingles Pharmacy
Larry McClure Walgreens Pharmacy
Shannon McCool O'Fallon Group
Mary Jane McDonald Walgreens Pharmacy
Steve McDonough CVS Pharmacy
Scott McKillop Walgreens District Office
Jim McMackin Wilson Pharmacy
Kim Meade Kroger Pharmacy
Brent Merrick Healthsprings - Cigna
Gary Millender Pharmedium
Chad Mills Mills Family Pharmacy
Rebecca Mills Mills Family Pharmacy
Bill Mitchell Ike's Pharmacy
Joe Moore Medical Ctr. Compounding Pharmacy
Tara Moore Belew Drugs
Kalicharan Motheramgari CVS Pharmacy
Jeremy Muzzall Pleasant View Pharmacy
Marcus Norton Walgreens Pharmacy - Chattanooga
Brett Olds Walgreens Pharmacy
Chiemezie Oti Medi Pharm
Deanne Pace Lexington Discount Drugs
Kenton Page Medicine Shoppe
Paula Pairmore Precision Healthcare
Patrick Parish Medicine Shoppe
Sharonda Peete Walgreeens
George Perry Walgreens Pharmacy
Jay Phipps Phipps Pharmacy
Celeste Poppenheimer Costco Pharmacy
Nicholas Quaglietta Sells Indian Hospital
Tabby Ragland Middle TN St. University Pharmacy
James Raines Kroger Pharmacy
Richard Randolph Marcrom's Pharmacy
DyKiesha Rankin Walgreens Pharmacy
Sahar Rashed Walgreens Pharmacy
Elizabeth Regen Pharmacia
Paul Rettinger Kroger Pharmacy-Dyersburg #392
Deborah Reynolds Kroger Pharmacy # 00511
Chase Richardson Walgreens - Nashville
Peyton Roberts University of Tennessee Medical Center
Eddie Rowe Rowe's Phamracy
Roya Sameri Accredo
Antal Samu GLOBALMED - Hungary
Keith Sargent Walgreens Pharmacy
Tim Sawyers Healthsprings
Annie Schuster Healthsprings
Eleanor Scott-Twigg Fred's Express #3786 - Oakland
Tonya Shackelford Walgreens Pharmacy
John Shaw University of Auckland - New Zealand
Martha Shepard Dickson Apothecary
Louie Smith Walgreens Pharmacy
Brad Standefer Access Pharmacy
Mike Storm
Rissa Tamer Terry's Pharmacy - LaFollette
Alan Tatum Payless Drugs
Kristel Thornton CVS Pharmacy
Christie Throneberry Clinical Solutions
Bradley Tice PharmMD Solutions
Lisa Timberlake Guardian Pharmacy
Allen Townsend Music City Nuclear Pharmacy
Tim Tucker City Drug
Jeff Tunney Cigna Health Care
Yolanda Tyson Walgreens Pharmacy
Matt Washburn Windriver Indian Health
Mike Wasson Kroger Pharmacy
Michael White BCBST
Teresa Wild Pfizer
Larry Wiley Wiley's Pharmacy
Mac Wilhoit Mac's Pharmacy
Michael Wilhoit Mac's Pharmacy-Edgemoor
John Williams CVS Pharmacy - Knoxville
Mark Wilson Wal-Mart Pharmacy
Michael Worsham Baptist Hosp-Collierville
Jaime Wynn FarmVet
Tripp York Bedford Drugs
Steve Young K-mart Pharmacy
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