Community Pharmacy Residency Programs

If you have an initiative or goal you want to tackle, you can tailor that residency to you. I was working in part to create a job (for myself), and at the end of my one-year period, I had that opportunity.

Shawn McFarland, Pharm.D.
Former Resident
(Dr. McFarland worked with physicians at the Murfreesboro Medical Clinic during his residency to start an anti-coagulation clinic. After his residency, he was hired on by the Murfreesboro Medical Clinic to run the anti-coagulation clinic.)

Tennessee is recognized as a national leader in residency and fellowship training innovations, including the largest community pharmacy residency program in the country.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose UT for your PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency:

  1. A strong focus on clinical pharmacy services (including MTM, Disease State management, and Point-of-Care Testing)
  2. Work alongside top preceptors, who are well known leaders and innovators in community pharmacy practice
  3. Opportunities to work in a state with one of the most progressive Collaborative Practice Agreement laws in the country, allowing you to work interprofessionally with medical offices and prescribers from your practice site
  4. Weekly videoconference “Community Pharmacy Rounds” conferences connects you with your co-residents across the state each week
  5. Teaching certificate program available through the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy
  6. Choice of practice locations across Tennessee: from the mountains of Johnson City and Knoxville, to the Music City in Nashville, and the Blues City in Memphis
  7. Develop your research skills: complete a research project and publish a peer-reviewed manuscript
  8. Create your own innovative patient care service
  9. Grow your professional network 
  10. Enhance your immunization skills with one of the most progressive immunization pharmacy practice laws in the country

Residency and Fellowship training sites in Tennessee are strengthened by affiliations with The University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy. The College is ranked in the top 20 colleges in the U.S. and has the most Board Certified Pharmacy faculty members in the nation.


We have been involved in the UT College of Pharmacy Community Residency Program since the early 1990s. Our graduates have gone on to a variety of pharmacy positions: ownership, compounding, university faculty, government, institutional, preceptors and residency directors. We offer many opportunities to meet the resident’s diverse interest to prepare them for a successful future.

Rick Sain, Pharm. D.
Owner / Preceptor Reeves-Sain Pharmacy, Murfreesboro

As a newly licensed pharmacist, a community residency has given me the tools and opportunities to develop confidence as the individual in charge of daily pharmacy activities, improve my comfort level when using my clinical knowledge to recommend appropriate medication changes to patients and physicians, and cultivate a positive work culture by setting the tone and the standard for my co-workers.
A community residency has been invaluable in my development from a student to a practicing pharmacist.”

Andy Masselink

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