The Rho Chi Society

The Rho Chi Society encourages and recognizes excellence in intellectual achievement and advocates critical inquiry in all aspects of pharmacy. The Society further encourages high standards of conduct and character and fosters fellowship among its members.

The Society seeks universal recognition of its members as lifelong intellectual leaders in pharmacy, and as a community of scholars, to instill the desire to pursue intellectual excellence and critical inquiry to advance the profession.


Selection: Members are selected based on GPA (grade point average). The top 15% of each class is accepted after completion of 3 semesters, and an additional 5% after the 5th semester.


In 1908, the "Aristolochite Society", a local honor society, was created on the campus of the University of Michigan. This society later became known as the "Rho Chi Society", and was granted a charter by the State of Michigan on May 19,1922.

After five years of existence, Rho Chi had eight chapters, and after ten years there were eighteen active chapters. The Alpha Nu chapter, of the Rho Chi Society, was founded at the University of Tennessee in 1949. Currently, there are 90 active chapters and additional chapters are anticipated at new schools of pharmacy.

The high standards maintained for membership in Rho Chi have resulted in the widespread recognition of the Society not only by the profession of pharmacy, but also by the academic world in general. Rho Chi is accorded a place in Banta’s Greek Exchange and a sketch of the Society appears in Baird’s Manual. Since 1947 the Society has been a member of the Association of College Honor Societies.


The Rho Chi Society Annual Meeting will be on Sunday, March 30, 2014, in Orlando, FL.

As details are finalized, updates will be posted on the website.

Chapter Advisors

Memphis Campus: Dr. Bradley Boucher
Knoxville Campus: Peter Chyka