Membership in Phi Lambda Sigma consists of four categories: student, faculty, alumni and honorary. For a student to be eligible for membership, he or she shall be of high moral and ethical character, shall have successfully completed at least one professional year of scholastic work applicable toward a recognized pharmacy degree, and shall have a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 on a 4.00 grading scale. Any exception must comply with the Constitution and Bylaws of Phi Lambda Sigma. Nomination for all membership categories emanates from the present members of the Society. Prospective members are nominated on the basis of their demonstration of dedication, service and leadership in the advancement of pharmacy. By promoting such recognition, Phi Lambda Sigma provides an incentive for the development of future leadership potential for the profession.

Class of 2013


Drew Armstrong
Haley Armstrong
Brittany Chinn
Brooke Crocker
Alftan Dyson
Whitney Elliot
Jocasta Gee
Justin Griner
Tiffany Kissling
Jon Lister
Mary Maxwell
Megan Perry
Jana Sterling
Neka Thaxter
Lindsey Wells
Justin Griner
Jacob Marler
Andy Nishimoto
Kirsten Roberts


Rachel Bauer
Hamilton Borden
Rachel Kile
Becky Miller
Ian Morris
Grayson Peek
Amy Richardson
Brandon Sipe
Zach Germann
Leslie Smith

Class of 2014


Cindy Brasher
Maureen Cooper
Zach Drabick
Anna Dutton
Natalie Finch
Lindsey Hubbard
Sabrina Groves
Kim Kleinaitis
Clayton Johnston
Cole Larsen
Mya Santos
Keaton Smetana
Keysha Ray
Brett Toney
Phillip Wilkins


Brian Winbilger
Nathan Cope
Josh Deweese
Kelly Dyer
Lindsey Plogger
Bethany Shoulders
Chase Stooksbury
Kayla Werner
Ashley Marshall
Sperry Kotsianas

Class of 2015


AhYoung Byun
Amy Sparkman
Courtney Kennemore
Hannah Eberle
James Smith
Jennifer Reed
Josh Sanders
Katie Qualls
Nick Capote
Samantha Adams
Susan Dickey
Yousef Behbahani


Becky Shaffer
Brian Henderson
Elly Baker
Erica Schumacher
Fern Lawson
Phillip Guidry
Jessica Keen
Mitchell Keen
Nathaniel Owen
Victoria Walkers

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