The Psi chapter proudly began this academic year with several of our members attending the Grand Council Convention in San Francisco. Those that could not attend had the privilege to hear not only of the great time that was had, but also of the invaluable knowledge and ideas of how to further our chapter and ensure its success for many years to come!

Our annual rush week kicked off with a Hawaiian themed Luau at the Kappa Psi house, which included our annual pig roast for all Kappa Psi alumni. Although rain blew in half way through the event, a great time was had by all. The majority of the P1 class was present, and this was an excellent opportunity to meet the future pledges of Kappa Psi. We added a new addition to our rush week this year, a“Yacht Club” themed event was thrown at the house. All agree that it was a huge success! Rush week concluded with our annual Kappa Psi formal which took place in Memphis, TN. Despite the fact that a portion of our chapter is located in Knoxville, TN, several brothers made the trans-state drive, to not only attend formal, but also to meet the future pledges! A masquerade ball was this year's theme for formal, which included a “Best in Mask” competition. Although there were many amazing masks, two winners were ultimately chosen. One of which was so impressive, that it now has a place in the Kappa Psi office of our brand new pharmacy building.

As members of Kappa Psi, it is our duty to give back to the community, and with numerous service events planned, this year is no exception! So far this semester, the brothers have visited the Veterans Administration to hand out coffee, and speak to the fine men and women that have given so much to make this country what it is. Future events include such things as volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House and various health fair events.

As mentioned in the summer edition of The Mask, our chapter had the great pleasure of granting a wish to a terminally ill child this past spring, by sending her to Walt Disney World. The funding that allows us to “Make-A-Wish” is partially raised each year through our annual Date Auction/Meet the Brothers Night. This event not only allows the pledges to get to know the Brothers better, but also to have the opportunity to bid on a brother, or fellow pledge, with the high bidder winning a 'date'. All the proceeds, which exceeded over $2000, will help make another child's dream come true, which is tentatively planned for the spring of 2012!

With the fall semester in full swing, we are more than happy to announce that our chapter has proudly gained an incredible eighty-one pledges, several of which have already taken on leadership roles within the college of pharmacy! We strive to make this year the greatest year in our fraternity's history, not only by furthering our profession, but also by leaving solid foot prints in which our future members may follow.

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