Geographic Lottery Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies as an exemption?

  1. Student pharmacist is the parent of a child under 18 years old at the time of the lottery. (Supporting documentation: copy of child’s birth certificate)
  2. Student pharmacist has a chronic illness that requires treatment from a local physician. (Supporting documentation: required form completed by the personal physician)
  3. Student pharmacist is a direct caregiver for a family member with a chronic illness. (Supporting documentation: letter from physician stating that the student is the primary direct caregiver)
  4. Student pharmacist has personal ownership of local residential property and/or house prior to admission. (Supporting documentation: Student must provide official documentation of ownership which includes date of purchase)
  5. Student pharmacist is married prior to the beginning of the P3 fall semester. (Supporting documentation: copy of marriage license)
  6. Student pharmacist is currently enrolled and progressing on time in the dual PharmD/PhD program or University of Memphis MBA program.*
  7. The PSGA, APhA-ASP, or SNPhA President

* a student who fails to successfully progress in the program will forfeit their exemption and will be sent to the campus they were assigned at the time of admission to the College.

How did the above become “approved” exemptions?

Several years ago, the PSGA was asked to develop a list of “reasonable” items/situations that would allow a student to be exempt from the lottery. Each year the PSGA reviews the list and makes any necessary modifications that will be applied to the next incoming class. Since the initial inception, property ownership prior to admission and a student with a chronic disease that requires regular physician monitoring have been added as approved exemptions.

What if my reason for requesting an exemption is not on the list?

Although the above list constitutes approved exemptions, you may apply for an exemption based on any set of circumstances that you feel are appropriate for consideration. Students are reminded that with the availability of financial aid, the small variances in cost of living between geographic regions in our state, and the advanced notice of our lottery process, no appeals will be heard solely for financial reasons.

How do I apply for an exemption?

If you qualify for one of these exemptions or feel that you should be exempt for another reason, you must complete the Lottery Exemption Request Form and provide any supporting materials to the Geographic Lottery Committee by the deadline. The committee will meet and render a decision regarding your request.

Who is on the Lottery Committee?

The committee consists of 4 faculty and staff and 2 students. Drs. Jim Eoff, Debbie Byrd, and Stephanie Phelps represent the faculty. Both students are members of the P3 class and are the PSGA president and the P3 class president in Knoxville. Melissa Smith, Coordinator of Student Services, chairs the committee.

Can I appeal the decision of the Lottery Committee?

Once the committee has reached a decision, the Dean of the College will review all recommendations before the student is notified. If the Dean does not concur with the decision of the committee, she may overrule the committee. Once she has rendered a decision, all decisions are final and there is no opportunity for appeal.

Can I swap a geographic zone after the lottery?

Campus or rotation zone assignments may not be exchanged between students without approval of the Geographic Lottery committee. Any form of payment in exchange for a position on another campus or in another geographic rotation zone is strictly prohibited. All violations will be reported to the Honor Council and may result in expulsion from the college for all parties involved.

Can I change my geographic zone after the lottery?

Changes after the lottery is completed are made on a case-by-case basis. These generally relate to a student’s change in status as a direct caregiver for a family member, or the development of a life- threatening illness in the student, spouse/partner, or parent.

Can I do any rotations outside my assigned geographic zone?

Yes. You may select a priority pick outside your assigned zone. Provided there is availability in a zone, you may do up to 3 months outside your assigned zone. International and Indian Health Service rotations qualify as out of zone. Duren’s Pharmacy (Dr. Jerry Duran), Health Care Policy (Dr. Todd Bess), and Mental Health (Dr. Jason Carter) are not considered as outside your zone.

If a student pharmacist does not progress with the class and a slot becomes available, what happens to the open spot?

A position that becomes open due to student attrition (e.g., dismissal or remediation) will not be available for consideration, but will remain unfilled.

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