Geographic Lottery Procedures



Student pharmacists who meet the following criteria and are approved by the Geographic Lottery Appeals Committee will be exempt from the lottery process:

  1. Student pharmacist is the parent of a child under 18 years old at the time of the lottery. (Supporting documentation: copy of child’s birth certificate)
  2. Student pharmacist has a chronic illness that requires treatment from a local physician. (Supporting documentation: required form completed by the personal physician)
  3. Student pharmacist is a direct caregiver for a family member with a chronic illness. (Supporting documentation: letter from physician stating that the student is the primary direct caregiver)
  4. Student pharmacist has personal ownership of local residential property and/or house prior to admission.
  5. Student pharmacist is married prior to beginning the P3 fall semester. (Supporting documentation: copy of marriage license)
  6. Student pharmacist currently enrolled and progressing on time in the dual PharmD/PhD program or University of Memphis MBA program.*
  7. The PSGA, APhA-ASP, or SNPhA President.

* a student who fails to successfully progress in the program will forfeit their exemption and will be sent to the campus they were assigned at the time of admission to the College.


  1. Campus or rotation zone assignments may not be exchanged between students without approval of the Geographic Lottery committee.
  2. Any form of payment in exchange for a position on another campus or in another geographic rotation zone is strictly prohibited. All violations will be reported to the Honor Council and may result in expulsion from the college for all parties involved.


  1. A position that becomes open due to student attrition (e.g., dismissal or remediation) will not be available for consideration, but will remain unfilled.
  2. All students who are current members of the class will be afforded the same advantages in the lottery, regardless of any prior academic or personal issues that resulted in the student moving from one class year to another.


Procedure 1. Lottery Preparation

  1. Students will be asked to declare their geographic zone of preference prior to the lottery. If the number of students who choose a zone is less than availability for that zone, they will be scheduled prior to the lottery with the exemptions. If the number of students who choose a zone is more than the availability for the zone, those students will be chosen from the group who have given a preference for the zone.
  2. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will prepare a list of all members of the class in an Excel spreadsheet and will note students approved for exemption and those who have a preference for a zone with excess capacity. The list will also be reviewed by the Executive Associate Dean, Memphis campus and Associate Dean, Knoxville campus.
  3. Student pharmacists will be sent an e-mail asking them to confirm their exemption and city of exemption and those with a preference to confirm that preference.
  4. A large classroom in the Pharmacy Building in Memphis and a classroom in Knoxville will be reserved for a 1-hour time block.
  5. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will construct an Excel spreadsheet that reflects the numbers of students that must be assigned to each geographic zone (Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga). This number will be determined by the Director of Experiential Education in conjunction with appropriate college administration. Available spots will reflect those students who have been approved already for exemption.

Procedure 2. Student Pharmacists’ Attendance

  1. Attendance is mandatory for all students who have not previously been assigned to a geographic location by the Dean’s office based on approved exemptions.
  2. Attendance is mandatory for all students who have not previously been assigned to a geographic location by the Dean’s office based on approved exemptions.
  3. Students who are exempt from the lottery may not attend any of the lottery proceedings.
  4. Student pharmacists wishing to be considered for an excused absence from the lottery (e.g., in the hospital) must receive approval from Dr. Eoff in Memphis or Dr. Byrd in Knoxville. The request must be received at least 72 hours before the lottery is scheduled. Work will not be considered an excused absence. Students granted approval must submit their preferences in rank order to Dr. Eoff in Memphis or Dr. Byrd in Knoxville before the lottery begins. When the student’s name is drawn, Dr. Eoff or Dr. Byrd will read their preference in Memphis or Knoxville, respectively.
  5. Students may not leave the lottery until all students have been assigned.

Procedure 3. Lottery Procedures

  1. The PSGA, Honor Council, and PLS Presidents (or their non-P2 representatives) will be present.
  2. The Executive Associate Dean, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and/or Associate Dean, Knoxville campus will also be in attendance.
  3. Once the lottery has begun there will be no talking and no one will leave until the lottery is complete.
  4. The Honor Council President will call the roll of eligible students and will place each student’s name into the lottery bin. Any student whose name was not called will then state their name and the Associate/Assistant Dean’s will determine if the student is eligible. If eligible, the student’s name will be placed in the lottery bin. If the student is not eligible they will be asked to leave.
  5. Any student who is absent at the time their name is called will have their name held. At the end of the roll call, the Honor Council President will read the name of these students. If the student is present, their name will be added to the lottery bin.
  6. If an eligible student arrives during the lottery proceedings they will be allowed to select a zone after all other students in attendance have made their selection.
  7. An eligible student who chooses not to attend the lottery will be assigned to a geographic location that remains unfilled. If more than one location remains unfilled, then these locations will be drawn at random and the student will be assigned to that zone.
  8. The PSGA President will pull one student’s name from the lottery bin and will read the student’s name aloud. The student will then declare the geographic zone he/she prefers.
  9. All student choices will be recorded by the PLS President on the Excel spreadsheet, which will be projected onto the screen for all students to view.
  10. The PLS President will enter the student name under the appropriate geographic zone column on the Excel spreadsheet. If a choice is recorded incorrectly the student is responsible to immediately notify the PLS President of the transcription error.
  11. Once a student commits to a zone, he/she CANNOT change their selection while the lottery is underway.
  12. This process will continue until all students have been assigned.


Change of geographic zone after the lottery

Students requesting a change of assignment must present their case to the Geographic Lottery Appeals Committee. A letter, outlining the reason(s) for the request, may be submitted by e-mail as a Word attachment to or by fax to 865.974.2022. Letters should be addressed to:

  • Melissa Smith, MS
    Coordinator, Student Services
    1924 Alcoa Highway, Box 117
    Knoxville, TN 37920

May 13, 2013

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