Department of Pharmacology: Sharp Research Laboratory



Research Interests

  • The neurobiological basis of nicotine action on behavior
  • The expression and function of delta opioid receptors by immune cells

Research Technologies

  • In vivo microdialysis and electrochemistry with HPLC
  • Chronic drug self-administration in operant chambers
  • RT-PCR analysis of gene expression
  • Microchip Arrays
  • In situ hybridization and immunocytochemistry of CNS gene/protein expression
  • Western immunoblotting of phosphorylated proteins
  • FACS detection of cell surface proteins


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Oliz is a suite of Perl scripts that selects 50mer oligonucleotides for use in DNA microarrays. Its features include:

  • Uses UniGene cluster ID as input.
  • Selects 50mers from the 3'untranslated region.
  • Filters 50mers through automated blast search for gene specificity.
  • Oliz is free for use in academic institutions. Commercial users please contact the authors for availability.
  • OS: written for Linux/Unix; May work under Mac OS X (haven't been tested); Not compatible with MS Windows.

Oliz Links

Download Oliz | View ReadMe file | Published paper describing Oliz (BMC Bioinformatics)

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