Course Descriptions

Developmental vs. "Difference" Theories of Mental Retardation: A New Insight
Anastasia Alevriadou, Ph.D.

Spina Bifida: Development Across the Life Span
Marcia Barnes, Ph.D.

Language and Communication in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Susan Ellis Weismer, Ph.D.

Williams Syndrome: Genes, Neurons, Brains, Behavior & Cognition
Bryan Fantie, Ph.D.

The Neuropsychology of Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Deborah Fein, Ph.D.

Behavioral Phenotypes and Genotypes in Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Randi Hagerman, Ph.D.

Math Disorders in Children with Genetic Syndromes
Michele Mazzocco, Ph.D.

Cognition, Language, Personality, and Genotype/Phenotype Relations in Williams Syndrome
Carolyn Mervis, Ph.D.

A Developmental Approach to Genetic Disorders
Sarah Paterson, Ph.D.

Language in Down Syndrome: A Life-Span Perspective
Jean-Adolphe Rondal, Ph.D.

Language in Williams Syndrome: A Cross-Linguistic Perspective
Stavroula Stavrakaki, Ph.D.

Greek Language Course
Marina Tzakosta, Ph.D.
(The meeting times that appear in the course schedule may be moved if such change is desirable and does not result in scheduling conflicts)