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Pedi Flite Transport Program

A pioneer in pediatric medical transport, we have provided specialized transport for critically ill and injured children for more than 20 years. LeBonheur's Pedi Flite team is a dedicated specialized pediatric transport team. We are currently the only dedicated pediatric transport team in the state of Tennessee. Our team is made up of pediatric and neonatal critical care nurses, pediatric and neonatal respiratory therapists, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians as well as intensive care physicians when needed. All Pedi Flite team members are trained in advanced life support techniques, and hold additional credentials beyond those of their critical care peers.

The Pedi Flite Team is available to transport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our service area comprises a 150 mile radius around the hospital. Our specialized team brings many of the therapeutic capabilities of the Intensive Care Unit directly to our patients by air or by ground. We take the time needed to stabilize each child with a sophisticated level of customized pediatric/neonatal care that continues during transport. Our team is able to do this with the use of specialized equipment including a transport isolette which allows for thermoregulation and they are equipped with the ability to provide both conventional and high frequency ventilation as well as the ability to administer nitric oxide if necessary. We utilize the pilots and helicopters of the Memphis Medical Center Air Ambulance Service ' Hospital Wing as well as our two very own specially equipped ground ambulances. In addition Pedi Flite is also able to transport patient from all over the country needing the services of LeBonheur using fixed-wing aircraft. In 2008 LeBonheur's Pedi Flite team transported over 1600 patients. This past year our numbers have grown and we transported over 2000 patients who were suffering from illness or injury.

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