Fellowship Curriculum

The three year program is divided into clinical and research rotations designed to expose the fellows to all areas of pediatric critical care and to give sufficient time for scholarly work as defined by the Pediatric Critical Care sub-board of the American Board of Pediatrics.

Of the 36 months, approximately 18 months are clinical and 18 months research with 3 weeks of vacation per year. Each year is divided into 13 four week blocks and there is flexibility in scheduling for the trainees to meet their individual educational goals.

Each trainee is assigned to a critical care faculty member as an advisor. Procedures and evaluations are maintained in New Innovations and are reviewed at least quarterly with each fellow.

First Year

The first year of training is intended to expose the fellow trainee to all aspects of pediatric critical care and is, therefore, heavily clinical.

  • PICU ( Le Bonheur) 21 weeks
  • PICU (St. Jude) 4 weeks
  • Anesthesia 2 weeks
  • CVICU 4 weeks
  • Intermediate Care Unit 2 weeks
  • Research and/or elective 16 weeks
  • Vacation 3 weeks

During this time fellows will take on increasing responsibilities with patient care, procedures and teaching as their skills improve in all areas, becoming proficient in most. By the end of this year fellows will also have chosen the area in which they intend to do their scholarly work (see research section below)

Second Year

The second year is the time that trainees refine their skills and delve deeper into their chosen scholarly project.

  • PICU (Le Bonheur) 16 weeks
  • PICU (St. Jude) 4 weeks
  • Intermediate Care Unit 2 weeks
  • CVICU 8 weeks
  • Research 20 weeks
  • Vacation 3 weeks

During this year the fellow continues to improve clinical and teaching skills as well as diligently working on their chosen scholarly work.

Third Year

The third year is when fellows refine their clinical and teaching skills, become proficient to advance in all areas and finalize their scholarly work for completion.

  • PICU (Le Bonheur) 13-17 weeks
  • PICU (St. Jude) 4 weeks
  • Intermediate Care Unit (Le Bonheur) 2 weeks
  • CVICU 4 weeks
  • Research 25 weeks
  • Vacation 3 weeks

In the second and third year, there is flexibility in research and clinical months to accommodate the needs of the trainee’s scholarly work as well as the polishing of clinical skills. There is the opportunity for fellows to choose electives during research time with the consent of the Scholarship Oversight committee and faculty advisor.


Each fellow in the first year of training will, with assistance from their advisor and program director, identify the area in which to pursue their scholarly work. Opportunities exist in bench research, bioethics, teaching and simulation training as well as in a broad range of other research areas. Each fellow will be assigned a Scholarship Oversight Committee as defined by the Critical Care sub-board of the ABP, which will review the fellow’s progress in their area(s) of interest throughout the training. Fellows will be encouraged to compete for local and national funding for their projects.

Each fellow will also be expected to present progress reports to the division on their research and prepare manuscripts for publications. Fellows are also expected to submit their work for presentation at appropriate meetings. Funding for the submission of manuscripts, preparation of posters, and travel funds are provided by the CCM division.


  • Daily Bedside teaching with faculty
  • Twice weekly conferences including (but not limited to)
    • Physiology/pathophysiology series
    • Journal Club
    • M&M
    • Case based conferences
    • Administrative sessions
    • Teaching skills sessions
    • Research skills and update sessions
  • Fellows expected to present sessions throughout training
  • Monthly combined Pediatric Fellow Symposia
    • Ethics in Research
    • Statistics
    • Grant Preparation
    • Scientific Writing
  • Weekly Pediatric Grand Rounds

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