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Cancers figure among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide, with approximately 14 million new cases and 8.2 million cancer related deaths in 2012. (WHO 2014 Cancer Report)

In recent years cancer research has started to shift from using animal models to human tissues. Due to the change in the pattern of research, investigators often need human tissue for research.

Surgeons remove appropriate tissue during an operation. After the operation the tissue removed from the patient's body is sent to the pathology department for examination.

The tissue first goes to a pathology grossing room where the tissue is examined visually for any abnormality. A small portion of the tissue taken is used for microscopic examination and the rest of the tissue is discarded after 3 weeks.

The portion taken for microscopic examination is embedded in wax blocks known as paraffin blocks. Sections from the paraffin blocks are taken to make slides. The slides are used for pathological diagnosis and the reports are released. The paraffin blocks and slides are stored for at least ten years.

Instead of disposing of the tissue and paraffin blocks we can use them for research. The tissue not required for diagnosis is cut into small parts and stored in a freezer. Whenever an investigator needs the tissue, it can be provided for research.

Investigators require tissue samples and associated clinical information to perform research to understand mechanism of many diseases. This can lead to improved techniques for early diagnosis and effective treatment for various diseases including cancer.

Informed consent from patients is a prerequisite to collect the tissue and to obtain the relevant clinical data.

At any one time, if the patient decides to withdraw his/her specimen from the TSC, the relevant banked material will be removed and discarded.

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