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"NanoDays" is the NISE Network's annual celebration of nanoscale science, technology, and engineering through the support of the National Science Foundation. For one week each spring, community-based educational organizations such as museums, universities, and research institutions focus their efforts on bringing nano to the public. Informal science education institutions are strongly encouraged to partner with local researchers and scientists. Last year, over 150 "NanoDays" outreach events were held in local communities nationwide. "NanoDays" events included hands-on science activities, demonstrations, art shows, lab tours, lectures, deliberative forums, and science cafes. The NISE Network seeks to reach a diverse geographic distribution, people with disabilities, and under-represented audiences in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

"NanoDays" at UTHSC will offer unique features such as teachers’ in-service, demonstrations, forums and a symposium which will elaborate on the contribution of nanotechnology. Applications of nanotechnology in the field of medicine (nanomedicine) will be discussed during the symposium. The focus will also be on the potential economic impact in the Memphis area. We are also exploring the possibility of establishing a Nanomedicine Center in Memphis.

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