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Smith & Nephew "Partnership for Discovery"

"Partnership for Discovery" Unites Smith & Nephew, Campbell Clinic in Quest for new Products, Therapies

Imagine an engineer being asked to design an airplane without having seen a plane on the ground or in the air. Engineers in medical technology are frequently asked to perform such a feat.

Now a new partnership between Smith & Nephew, a leading supplier of orthopaedic products, and Campbell Clinic will give engineers who design medical products an opportunity to work with surgeons in a clinical environment so the engineers better understand what surgeons do and need to speed patient recovery.

The results, both partners believe, will enable them to design new products and therapies that improve the quality of life for the patients Campbell Clinic serves as well as patients worldwide.

That's the concept behind the Orthopaedic Discovery Center now being developed at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis (The MED). The Orthopedic Discovery Center is the first of a number of projects that will unite Smith & Nephew and Campbell Clinic in a "Partnership for Discovery."

Dr. Nathan Gause The Orthopaedic Discovery Center at The Med will allow teams of Smith & Nephew engineers to work with Campbell Clinic Surgeons at the point of care - often during surgery - to uncover product needs and envision new therapies for further development.

Jeff Schryver, Senior Vice President-Research at Smith & Nephew, said, "We are very excited about this partnership. Innovation starts with really understanding the medical team's needs, many of which are not the obvious. This Discovery Center lets us get immersed in the health-care environment and uncover these hidden opportunities. We think this will have a significant impact on helping people regain their lives."

Smith & Nephew has committed significant resources to the partnership in the coming year through a combination of grants and research support for The Campbell Foundation, the non-profit organization that supports the research and academic endeavors of Campbell Clinic surgeons.

"We believe that, as a result of this collaboration, patients and the orthopaedic community will think of The Campbell Foundation and Campbell Clinic as an incubator for innovation and the center for clinically-proven advances for the active patient," said John M. Vines, Executive Director of the Foundation.

Phase I of the partnership includes collaboration and resources devoted to clinical studies and discovery projects.

The Orthopaedic Discovery Center at The MED will allow teams of Smith & Nephew engineers to work with Campbell Clinic surgeons at the point of care-often during surgery-to uncover product needs and envision new therapies for further development.

The MED also presents an excellent opportunity for clinical studies because of its high volume of orthopaedic patients. Campbell Clinic provides 100% of the orthopaedic patient care at The MED, where its surgeons perform over 4,000 procedures last year. Smith & Nephew will provide funding to bolster Campbell Foundation's clinic research resources, including support personnel, equipment and databases to track and assess patient outcomes.

Smith & Nephew has a long history of working with Campbell Clinic surgeons, resulting in new product development and improved therapies. A good example of this successful collaboration is the Russell-Taylor nail, a Smith & Nephew product that is the world's most popular and clinically-proven instrument for insertion in patients who have fractures of the femoral shaft. The device bears the name of Dr. Thomas Russell, a Campbell Clinic surgeon and trauma specialist who worked with Smith & Nephew in developing the nail.

Dr. Russell is currently work with Si Janna, an engineer who is a Project Manager in Smith & Nephew Trauma Product Development, to develop a new smart technology that will enable surgeons to know within three weeks post-surgery how well a bone is healing and a patient's progress in walking.

In another collaborative project, Dr. Russell is work with Henry Faber, Senior Product Development Engineer in Smith & Nephew's trauma division, on a new hip fixation system designed to speed a patient's healing and return to walking. Known as the Intertan project, this research is currently being tested through clinical studies in 15 sites worldwide.

Projects planned for Phase II of the partnership include the development of an Arthritis Center of Excellence and collaborative research to advance minimally invasive repair.

Taken from the Campbell Foundation Momentum

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