Infectious Disease Division

Our Maternal-Fetal Medicine Infectious Disease Obstetric program provides care to pregnant women whose pregnancies are affected by infections such as HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, cytomegalovirus, parvovirus, syphilis, tuberculosis and others.

HIV obstetric care is provided by a team led by our MFM subspecialist Dr. Danielle Tate and our nurse practitioner Nina Sublette, PhD. These providers are experienced in the care and use of HIV medications in pregnancy. The team is also composed of a group of licensed social workers and nurses who provide ancillary support to the patient throughout her pregnancy.

Photo of Dr. Danielle Tate
Danielle Tate, MD

We provide new and state-of-the-art treatment with antiretrovirals according to updated perinatal guidelines from the National Institute of Health. Our program also functions as a center for research. Our rate of perinatal HIV infection is below the average in the country. After delivery, our patients will be offered contraception counseling and will be referred to medical providers specialized in HIV. Their babies will be followed by a team of specialists in Pediatric Infectious Diseases from St. Jude Research Hospital.

Pregnant patients who are infected with hepatitis B are evaluated to assess if they are candidates for treatment which will help to reduce neonatal hepatitis transmission.

Patients whose pregnancies are complicated by other infectious conditions are also evaluated and receive individualized care according to their condition. All patients coming to our MFM-ID clinic are treated with compassion and confidentiality.

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