Grading System

I. Levels of Performance

  • 91 - 100 = A
  • 81 - 90 = B
  • 71 - 80 = C
  • ≤ 70 = F

Note: .5 rounded down > .6 rounded up

II. Areas of Evaluation

  1. Mid-month evaluation (Mid-month Evaluation form icon) will not count toward a student's overall grade, but is used to identify problem areas.
  2. Clerkship evaluations (Evaluation form icon) of clinical activities (includes clinical skills, clinical knowledge, problem-solving, and professional and personal attributes) are completed by residents. Three evaluation forms are required; one from each rotation Ob, Gyn, and Gyn-Onc.
  3. Clinical activities comprise 60% of a student's total grade, the NBME Shelf Examination score comprises 30% of total grade, quizzes comprise 5% of total grade, and completion of the clinical skills log (orange book) comprises 5% of total grade.
  4. Evaluation forms are included in the Orientation Day folder distributed to students. It is the student's responsibility to have the forms completed by residents and returned to the clerkship office.
  5. Faculty preceptors and any additional resident or faculty input can alter a student's total grade. Final decisions rest with the clerkship director.

III: Evaluation Forms

  1. Evaluation
  2. Mid-month Evaluation
  3. MFM USG Check List

IV. Specific Criteria

  1. Student must pass both the clinical activities and the NBME exam.
    1. Failure in clinical activities will require repeating the course.
    2. Failure of NBME exam will require a make-up examination. The two grades, the original NBME exam and the make-up examination, will be averaged to reach a composite written exam score. The exam must be repeated by August 30 of the following academic year. The final grade cannot be higher than a C. Exceptions to this can only be arranged through the clerkship director with approval from the Dean.

V. Feedback

  1. Take the initiative to obtain a Mid-month Evaluation from a resident on the Ob team. This prevents unexpected final grades at the end of the month.
  2. Any time a student is identified as performing less than satisfactorily (less than passing), he/she will e counseled by the Clerkship Director.
  3. Summative evaluations will be available after the end of the clerkship. Evaluator identifies will not be apparent.

VI. Clerkship Evaluations

  1. Written evaluation of the clerkship, faculty, resident and nursing staff is encouraged at the mid-point and conclusion of the clerkship. Feedback will be summarized and communicated to the respective staff. This feedback will be used to help determine the Outstanding Resident Teaching Award as well as other interdepartmental teaching awards. Student evaluator identities will not be apparent.
  2. Lectures and discussion sessions with Dr. Elmore will allow for generic discussions of clerkship problems or issues.
  3. Individual concerns may be directed to Dr. Elmore at any time.

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