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Pediatric Heart Institute

A Vision for the Future:
 Advance to Top Quartile

Vision has been defined as “the art of seeing what others can’t.” In his more than three years as executive dean of the UT College of Medicine, Steve J. Schwab, MD, has consistently practiced that art. During his tenure as executive dean, he has actively sought and enthusiastically seized new opportunities to advance the college and its myriad departments on three major campus sites across the state.

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Virtual Classroom

AHS Technology

You may be surprised to know that in today’s classroom, a “blackboard” doesn’t involve chalk … or even a physical space. Imagine waking up with your morning cup of coffee, reading the newspaper, and then attending a live class … from your living room.

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Economic Impact of UTHSC in FY2010
This study Link to Acrobat file quantifies the economic impact of the UTHSC on the economy of the state of Tennessee for FY2010.

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