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BioRad MRC 1024 Confocal System with a Krypton/Argon Laser

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The BioRad MRC 1024 imaging system is equipped with a Krypton/Argon laser, which creates three excitation lines co-aligned at 488 nm (blue), 568 nm (green), and 647 nm (far red). This enables the user to effectively employ double or triple labeling techniques, and with appropriate barrier filters, can minimize bleed-through. Reflected light and transmitted light image capture is also available. Image files can be saved to CDs for portability.

The microscope is an upright Olympus BX50 with objective lenses ranging from 2x to 100x, and a 20x water immersion lens.

Location and Scheduling

Located on the 3rd floor of the Link building in room 312. Please visit the web calendar to schedule equipment use. New users, please contact T.J. Hollingsworth at 448-5976 or for instructions and signup.

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T.J. Hollingsworth, PhD
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