Frequently Asked Questions

Using the NAC

Do I need to have the Clean Access Agent installed on my home computer if I use the VPN client to connect to the University network and access my work computer from home?

NO: Not at this time. However, in the future you will need to have the Clean Access Agent installed on your home computer if you access the University network from home through the VPN client, but currently we do not require it.

What if I use the VPN client and Remote Desktop to access my work computer and it has the CCA Agent installed?

No special configuration is required to allow Remote Desktop connections to your work computer with the Clean Access Agent installed. As long as your computer is properly configured to allow remote access, the Clean Access Agent will not interfere with you being able to use Remote Desktop (MacOS X or Windows or Linux) to access your work computer from home.

Will the Clean Access Agent monitor anything that I do online?

NO: The Cisco Clean Access Agent will only make sure that a valid antivirus application is installed and updated, the Windows Operating System is fully patched and set to automatically download and install updates. No other information is monitored.

Will Clean Access change settings on my computer?

NO: The Cisco Clean Access Agent is an unobtrusive program that communicates exclusively with the Cisco Clean Access servers to ensure that your computer is protected. The Cisco Clean Access Agent will not alter any settings on your computer, and should not interfere with normal functionality. If you find the Cisco Clean Access Agent causing you problems, please let us know by emailing us at

Will my computer still work when I connect to my home network?

YES: The Cisco Clean Access Agent is only active while your computer is connected to the UTHSC network. If you connect your computer to a different network, the Agent will simply lie dormant and will not interfere with your network connectivity.

How do I upgrade to the newest version of the Clean Access Agent?

Cisco Clean Access will update itself whenever necessary, you do not need to worry about updating this software.

How do I log on to the Network?

After you have installed the Cisco Clean Access Agent, you will login with your NetID and password.

How can I tell if I'm logged on or not?

The Cisco Clean Access Agent will confirm that you have successfully logged into the network. If you try to open a webpage and it does not connect, then chances are, you are not connected. Just open up the Cisco Clean Access Agent and try to log in again.

What does it mean to have temporary access to the network?

If you are given temporary access to the network it means that your computer does not meet the minimum requirements to log in. The Cisco Clean Access Agent will direct you through the updates that are necessary to gain access to the network. You may have more than one update to apply in order to meet requirements for full access.

How can I get out of temporary access?

Once you have fully updated your computer, try logging in again to regain access to the network. Your computer must meet all compliance requirements.

Why do I keep getting logged off?

You will be required to log into the system periodically to ensure that your computer continues to meet all requirements. If you unplug or turn off your computer for more than 10 minutes, you will be asked to log in again when your computer comes back online.

Adapted from Washington State University

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