Mustafa Dabbous, Ph.D.

Mustafa Dabbous, Ph.D.

858 Madison Ave
Room 210 Nash Building
Memphis, TN 38163
Phone: 901-448-4640
Fax: 901-448-7360

Research Interests

Cancer Progression and Metastasis

Research focus is on the mechanisms of tumor invasion and metastatic spread. Major concerns are:

  1. The role of proteases, in particular, Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs), in host tissue degradation; the influence of host-tumor cell-cell interactions and matrix-cell interactions on the regulation of synthesis and release of these enzymes; The MMPs secretion pattern of tumors in vivo, in vitro, and in the sera of cancer patients at various stages of tumor progression; Evaluation of, cytokeratin fragments such as, (Cyfra 21-1), as tumor markers in Oral, Head and Neck cancer.
  2. ProteinChip Array analysis of protein expression patterns during tumor progression by SELDI-TOF, mass spectrometry to identify tumor markers in Oral, Head and Neck cancer, in particular; “Markers of Invasion”, and “Markers of Metastasis”.
  3. Tumor Cell Motility: the role of tumor-derived chemotactic cytokines in facilitating the invasive growth and metastatic spread of tumor cells, with major focus on the autocrine motility factor(s).

Periodontal Disease

Research focus is on the molecular basis of connective tissue alterations during periodontal disease; the role of inflammatory cells in the modulation of fibroblast function; the mechanism of gingival fibrosis (hereditary and drug-induced); and the cellular activity at the tissue-implant interface; Effect of natural products and anti-inflammatory agents on oral tissues.

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  • UTCHS Tenn. Ph.D. Biochemistry
  • MIT Cambridge Mass. M.S. Biochemistry
  • Lowell Tech. Inst. Mass. M.S. Leather Chem.
  • Univ. of Cairo Cairo B.S. Chemistry

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