Ying Kong, Ph.D.

Ying Kong, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
858 Madison Ave.
401 Molecular Science Building
Memphis, TN 38163
Email: ykong3@uthsc.edu
Phone: 901-448-2465
Fax: 901-448-7360


Research Interests

Our laboratory is interested in:  1) tuberculosis pathogenesis; and 2) discovery of novel anti-tuberculosis therapeutics. With high morbidity and mortality, tuberculosis remains one of the biggest challenges to public health. The major causative pathogen of tuberculosis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), has an unusually slow growth rate. Quantifying Mtb with conventional colony forming unit (CFU) counting requires four weeks to have visible colonies present on the agar plates after plating. We have developed a variety of non-invasive optical in vivo imaging tools to study TB in animal models. By using non-invasive real-time imaging technologies to monitor TB in small animals, infections can be visualized within individual animals while images are collected. Combining these in vivo imaging tools with other cutting-edge in vitro technologies, we are studying and identifying bacterial and host factors affecting bacterial infection, survival, persistence, and reactivation. The results from these studies will contribute to development of improved diagnostic tools, anti-tuberculosis drugs, and vaccines.

  1. TB pathogenesis:

    Our laboratory has been working on identification of Mtb genes important for cell entry and intracellular survival, using a fluorescent imaging probe to label each mutant strain of Mtb from a mutant library. We now have a list of candidate genes that are involved in Mtb lipid metabolism and are critical for intracellular survival. We are investigating these genes’ functions and roles in TB pathogenesis.
  2. Development of anti-TB therapies from aurone analogues:

    Our laboratory has screened hundreds of synthetic aurone analogues and identified two aurones that have anti-TB effects in vitro and in vivo. We have analyzed the mechanism of these two aurones against Mtb, and have found that these two aurones inhibit Mtb chorismate synthase, which leads to reduction of aromatic amino acids. We are working on more aurone derivatives to identify compounds having higher efficacies against TB.

Figure 1

Vancomycin-Cy5.5 conjugate labeling dormant Mtb.A. Vancomycin-Cy5.5 conjugate labeling dormant Mtb smeared on slides. The Mtb strain was integrated with a tdTomato gene and was cultured in Wayne model to reach dormant status. It was then labeled with Vancomycin-Cy5.5. Red:Cy5.5; Green:tdTomato. B. Vancomycin-Cy5.5 conjugate labeling dormant Mtb in cells. After labeling the dormant Mtb strain with Vancomycin-Cy5.5 conjugate, it was loaded into the wells seeded with THP-1 cells and phagocytosed by the cells.

Figure 2


CNIR5 labeling non-replicating Mtb in vitro. A. CNIR5 label the non-replicating tdTomato-expressing Mtb CDC1551 strain smeared on slides. The non-replicating tdTomato-expressing Mtb strain was cultured in the Wayne model and then labeled with CNIR5 (carrying the Cy5.5 dye). B. The non-replicating Mtb in THP-1 macrophages labeled with CNIR5. The non-replicating tdTomato-expressing Mtb strain cultured in the Wayne model was used to infect PMA activated THP-1 cells, and then incubated with CNIR5. The tdTomato fluorescence is pseudo-colored green; CNIR5 fluorescence dye Cy5.5 is pseudo-colored red; and nuclei were stained with DAPI (blue).

Figure 3

3-D IVIS in vivo images of i.v. Mtb infected mice at various time points post injection of CNIR800, a fluorogenic substrate of Mtb β-lactamase.

Selected Publications

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  • PhD – University of Michigan
  • Postdoc – University of Texas Health Science Center; Texas A&M Health Science Center