Mediasite FAQs

What is Mediasite?

Mediasite is a lecture capture tool that allows instructors and staff to create digital recordings of multimedia rich lectures, presentations, and training sessions. Mediasite records and synchronizes everything they say, show, and demonstrate with little or no interaction from the presenter. Once recorded, the presentations can be added to UTHSC TV or a Blackboard course where students can watch them anytime, anywhere!

Who is currently using Mediasite?

The Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, and SASSI all use the Mediasite on a regular/weekly basis. Faculty and staff often makes use of it for various meetings and conferences along with special events.

How can I make a request?

Submit a Mediasite request by contacting the Help Desk at 448-2222 or submitting a Footprints ticket (

When should I use Mediasite as opposed to Adobe Connect?

Mediasite and Adobe Connect are both two great solutions, each having their own perks. Mediasite is great for recording/streaming larger meetings where participants can tap on a URL link and enjoy high quality audio and video either real time or archived.

Who should I contact for help?

  • UTHSC - Neal Smith, Tim Florence, Kevin Carmon, Dan Cox
  • Knoxville -

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