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Resident Evaluation

Residents will be evaluated following each rotation. Upon completion of a rotation, the residency coordinator will send evaluation forms to the faculty member(s) who has supervised the resident during this period. Completed evaluations will be returned to the residency coordinator and will be reviewed by the program director. The residency coordinator will verify that all evaluation forms have been returned and assemble the information for each resident.

Each resident has an assigned faculty advisor who reviews all new evaluations with the resident on a quarterly basis. The Faculty Advisor Committee meets quarterly to review each resident's progress and make suggestion for improvement. Occasionally problem residents are referred to the Clinical Competence Committee, a small group chaired by an Associate Program Director. The committee studies the problems, contacts residents and staff for additional insights, allows the problem resident to appear before the group, and passes on its recommendations in written form to the program director.

The program director then meets with the problem resident to review findings, make recommendations for improvement, and/or reformulate goals and objectives as indicated. The resident will be requested to sign the evaluation summary which will then be placed in the resident's file. The resident will receive a copy of the signed summary. Residents may review their files upon request.

Please review the Housestaff Manual for full details.

Last Published: May 1, 2018