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Maintenance of Confidentiality

Housestaff end-of-year evaluations of the attendings and the program must be done in a confidential manner. Housestaff complete these forms anonymously. They are then tabulated by office personnel (or the program director), and the cumulative data used for feedback to division chiefs, faculty and to the program directors' and curriculum committees.

Housestaff do complete monthly evaluations of faculty. These evaluations are currently being held in the program office with plans to present these in a cumulative fashion to the division chiefs and individual faculty.

GME files on individual houseofficers are maintained in the program office. These files are kept on site but may be checked out briefly by faculty advisors to perform quarterly reviews. The files may be reviewed only by the authorized program and GME personnel, by faculty advisors, and by the individual houseofficer himself.

Last Published: May 1, 2018