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IHOP provides training to research-oriented professionals and scientists. Training in this growing field focuses on how to conduct research that evaluates health care and community-level interventions and ultimately informs policy. Scientists trained in research methodologies are essential to bridge the gap between patient care and population-based outcomes.

In an effort to train the next generation of researchers and health care professionals, IHOP draws from the multi-disciplinary strengths of its faculty, which includes health services researchers, epidemiologists, prevention scientists, economists, clinicians, biostatisticians, pharmacists and medical sociologists to teach students how to develop and evaluate health interventions, treatments, preventions practices and policies and determine what works on a large-scale level and why.

Health Outcomes and Policy is focused primarily on pharmacy and the medication use process, health disparities, and policies related to health care systems that impact access and economics.

Specifically, we engage in health outcomes, policy, and community-based participatory research that pertains to pharmacy systems, health systems, e-health systems, legal and regulatory systems, and community social capital. Our research includes studies of the cost of illness, cost effectiveness, cost-benefit, medication errors, patient perceptions of providers, cost of care-giving, and economic impacts. Our unique areas of strength within this body of research are medication therapy management outcomes, health disparities, and translational research. We approach these three areas of study both individually and collectively by engaging the interdisciplinary skills of our faculty and students.

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