About IHOP

The Institute for Health Outcomes and Policy Research (IHOP) is a diverse multidisciplinary faculty of health outcomes researchers, health policy evaluators, economists, epidemiologists, pharmacist and demographers, whose goal is to advance the scientific knowledge necessary to promote population health, improve healthcare outcomes, and develop sound public policies to improve the health of children and adults.

IHOP evaluates health effects of public policies, and conducts controlled field trials of preventive interventions in community and clinical settings. An area of particular focus is examining factors that contribute to disparities in health and healthcare outcomes among disadvantaged populations. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the department, our faculty, current research activities, and our educational programs.

The primary mission of the Institute for Health Outcomes and Policy Research (IHOP) Program at the University of Tennessee is to provide strong academic training in health services research. There are three different focus areas in health policy, pharmacoeconomics and health systems pharmacy management. To assist students as they pursue their graduate degree, we have a diverse faculty dedicated to the threefold mission of the University: teaching, research, and public service.

With the rapid creation of new technologies, changes in reimbursement policies, and emphasis on enhancing the quality of healthcare, skilled professionals are required to evaluate health and health care outcomes and their costs. Sorely needed are professions who can design cost effective health care financing options, as well as articulate new strategies for redefining the roles of professionals in an evolving health care market. As the Institute of Medicine has recommended, racial and ethnic disparities in the provision of patient health care should be resolved. Health policy researchers will play a key role in creating solutions for these disparities. The IHOP program prepares professionals to make contributions in these areas.

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