Educational Assistance


The objective of UTHSC is to enable regular faculty and staff to perform their present duties more effectively and to assist them in preparing for future opportunities by providing a plan of educational assistance.

Full-time regular faculty and staff may enroll in any UT or Tennessee Board of Regents college, university, or vocational-technical school without payment of maintenance fees for up to a maximum of nine undergraduate or graduate credit hours per term/semester. Part-time regular faculty and staff working 50 percent time or more may enroll without payment of maintenance fees based upon their percent of effort as follows:

Employee Effort Fee Waiver
50-74% up to 4 credit hours of maintenance fees per semester/term
75-99% up to 6 credit hours of maintenance fees per semester/term
100% up to 9 credit hours of maintenance fees per semester/term


The objective of UTHSC is to assist regular employees by providing a student fee discount for their spouse and dependent children who are classified as undergraduate students at approved state of Tennessee schools and to encourage such qualified students to attend the university.

  • Regular Full-time employees - UT will pay 50% towards in-state maintenance fee.
  • Regular Part-time employees - UT will pay pro-rata share of the 50% in-state maintenance fee, depending on your percent of effort. Part-Time (50-99%) employee must be employed for at least 1 year to receive a pro rated discount based on percent of effort.

Please visit the HR Training Calendar for upcoming Educational Assistance Overview training classes.


  1. Full Time and Part-Time Regular Employees are eligible for educational benefit immediately.
  2. Must attend an approved State of Tennessee school (view the Eligible Institutions list).
  3. View the HR0330 Educational Assistance (Fee Waiver) Policy (UT System).
  4. View the HR0331 Spouse/ Dependents Educational Assistance (Fee Waiver) Policy (UT System).
  5. View the UTHSC Procedures for Employee Fee Waivers 330.
  6. View the UTHSC Procedures for Spouse/Dependent Fee Waivers 331.
  7. UT will not pay for Continuing Education units (CEU's).
  8. Not a Reimbursement Program.

Procedures for Fee Waivers

Employees can obtain Human Resources signature as early as:

  • FALL Semester- July 1st
  • SPRING Semester- Dec. 1st
  • SUMMER Semester- April 1st

Fee Waiver Checklist

How to Use Forms


*Any changes made to the educational assistance forms after HR approval, the employee must update the Human Resources Office and the school in which they are attending.

Tax Withholding Schedule
Beginning Spring Semester 2012, the university will begin withholding taxes on the non-qualified graduate fee waivers once the $5,250 excludable amount has been reached for the calendar year. The in-state and out-of-state graduate fee waiver value will be prorated over several months and taxed according to the following schedule.

Semester Month(s) including additional tax withholding
Spring February, March, April
Mini-Term May
Summer June, July
Fall September, October, November

Because the fee waiver value (over the $5,250 in a calendar year) will be added to the taxable income on your check and taxed at the W4 graduated rate, you can take your specific tax situation in consideration and submit a new W4 to your campus Human Resources/Payroll Office to adjust the amount withheld. Please see your personal tax advisor for further advice.

The IRS allows exemption from taxation of tuition waivers above $5,250 for classes that are job related. To receive this wavier, the employee must submit a signed Employee Request for Job Related Tuition Waiver form, approved by the department head verifying that the program of study directly relates to the employee’s current job, the course(s) improves or maintains the employee’s job skills, and the course(s) does not qualify the individual for a new trade or business.

FI0910 Taxability of Graduate Tuition Waiver for Employee


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