Oral History Presentations

The interviews in this collection were conducted under the auspices of the History and Archive Committee at UT. The purpose of this project is to capture the recollections of individuals who have served UT over a period of many years or who were at UT during an important period. The interviews are generally an hour long. They are available in the Health Sciences Historical Collection in the library. For more information contact Richard Nollan at 448-6053 or rnollan@uthsc.edu.

Interviewee Interviewed by Interview Date Format
John W. Runyan, M.D. Richard Nollan 3/20/1997 Audio
Jim Stockdale William Robinson 5/1/1997 Video
F. June Montgomery William Robinson 5/12/1997 Video
Marie Buckley, R.N. Diane Greenhill, Ed.D. 6/24/1997 Audio
Wanda Donato James Stockdale 6/3019/97 Video
Bob Freeman, Ph.D. William Robinson 9/10/1997 Video
Robert L. Summitt, M.D. Hershel P.Wall, M.D. 9/25/1997 Video
Maston Callison, M.D. Robert L. Summitt 9/30/1997 Video
Charles Mercer, M.D. William Robinson 10/10/1997 Video
Bland W. Cannon, M.D. William Robinson 10/22/1997 Video
Cecil Tipton James Stockdale 11/11/1997 Video
Roland Alden, Ph.D. William Robinson 11/15/1997 Video
Gene H. Stollerman, M.D. James Gibb Johnson, M.D. 12/15/1997 Video
James C. Hunt, M.D. Robert Summitt, M.D. 2/10/1998 Video
Albert W. Biggs, III, M.D. William Robinson 2/19/1998 Video
John L. Wood, Ph.D. Bob Freeman 2/23/1998 Video
Edmund D. Pellegrino, M.D. William Robinson 3/4/1998 Video
Robert C. Rendtorff, M.D., Sc.D. John W. Runyan, M.D. 3/26/1998 Audio
John W. Runyan, M.D. Richard Nollan 4/8/1998 Video
Roy Smith, D.D.S. William Robinson 4/22/1998 Video
Grover C. Bowles William Robinson 4/22/1998 Video
Martha Jo Young William Robinson 5/12/1998 Video
Lee Holder, Ph.D. Bill Robinson 5/21/1998 Video
Jesse F. McClure William Robinson 6/3/1998 Video
John H. Burkhart, M.D. Richard Nollan 10/15/1998 Video
J. Basil Hall, M.D. William Robinson 11/6/1998 Video
Joseph E. Johnson, Ed.D. William Robinson 1/19/1999 Video
Marcus J. Stewart, M.D. William Robinson 2/5/1999 Video
Andrew Lasslo, Ph.D. William Robinson 3/1/1999 Video
Brenta Davis, Ed.D. William Robinson 3/2/1999 Video
John W. Runyan, M.D. Howard Horn 6/1419/99 Video
Marion Dugdale, M.D. Howard Horn 6/14/1999 Video
James W. Pate, M.D. Howard Horn 6/14/1999 Video
James Gibb Johnson, M.D. Howard Horn 6/14/1999 Video
William S. Craddock Glenda OConnor 6/30/1999 Video
Jerry T. Francisco, M.D. Howard Horn 9/21/1999 Video
Lester VanMiddlesworth, M.D., Ph.D. Richard Nollan 12/13/1999 Video
Frank Norfleet Glenda O'Connor 12/14/1999 Video
Frank Bowyer, D.D.S. William Robinson 2/24/2000 Video
Edward J. Boling, Ed.D. William Robinson 4/18/2000 Video
William F. Slagle, D.D.S. William Robinson 5/22/2000 Video
Michael Allan Carter William Robinson 5/22/2000 Video
William Hinckle William Robinson 10/31/2000 Video
William Robinson Jim Stockdale 11/17/2000 Video
Alys Lipscomb, M.D. Dianne Greenhill, Ed.D. 2/20/2001 Audio
John Autian, Ph.D. William Robinson 3/7/2001 Video
Dianne Greenhill, Ed.D. Jim Stockdale 3/7/2001 Video
William J. Rice, J.D. William Robinson 7/18/2001 Video
Grace Spice Wallace Diane Greenhill, Ed. D. 10/4/2002 Video
Alfred and Lorraine Kraus James Gibb Johnson, M.D. 3/19/2003 Video

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