Research Opportunities

Fellows are expected to complete a minimum of one research project, leading to abstract publication, or develop a full IRB approved protocol during their training. Research efforts will vary a great deal depending on the fellow from a very few months up to 18 months dedicated time, depending on interest and funding.

Fellows will choose a mentor early in their first year and learn research methodology in practical ways by developing and pursuing a project of interest. Large patient data banks are available to review questions of interest. Our program is linked with a multi-institutional national research network (ACORN) which provides the opportunity to design investigator initiated clinical trials. The University of Tennessee and St Jude’s research hospital provide pathways toward bench and translational research as well.

Cancer Research Center

Below are listed some of the abstracts and publications our most recent fellows have completed during their time in the program:


Mansoor Haq
QI Project -Improving referral and transfer of information from in-patient setting to out-patient clinic at the Regional Medical Center

Grant Project - "Toxicity and outcomes in African-American and Caucasian patients with adjuvant/neo-adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer." Dr. Lee Schwartzberg, M.D., Dr. Pranitha Naini, M.D., Dr. Jessica Snider, D.O., and Dr. Mansoor Ul Haq, M.D.

Bojia Li
Research Grant "Sipuleucel in men with metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer" Dr. Brad Somer, M.D., and Dr. Bojia Li, M.D.

Obiageli Ogbata
QI project - Drug Utilization evaluation of erythropoietin pre and post APPRISE

Research Grant "Identification of micro-RNA (miRllA) genomic profiling and its potential use in predicting outcome and response to chemotherapy in muscle invasive transitional cell bladder cancer." Dr. Daruka Mahadevan, M.D., and Obiageli Ogbata, MD

Real World Symptom Burden and Early Treatment Discontinuation in 1st Line Metastatic Breast Cancer Authors: Mark S. Walker, PhD1, Anthony S. Masaquel, PhD, MPH2, Jiandong Kerr, MS1, Deepa Lalla, PhD2 Daejin Abidoye, MD, MPH,2 Obiageli Ogbata, MD,3 Lee S. Schwartzberg, MD3, Poster Presentation: ASCO 2013

Manjari Pandey
Research Grant "Molecular Hallmarks of Transformed Follicular Lymphoma" Dr. Daruka Mahadevan, M.D., and Dr. Manjari Pandey, M.D.

Jashmin Patel
Research Grant "Hydrocytolytic Peritoneal Lavage in Ovarian Cancer" Joseph Santoso, M.D., Lawrence Pfeffer, PhD, and Jashmin K. Patel, M.D.

Gregg Sutton
Phase Ib Study to evaluate safety, tolerability and efficacy R1507 a monoclonal antibody to IGF- 1R in combination with multiple standard chemotherapy regimens in patients with advanced solid malignancies. Mahadevan D, Sutton G, Arteta-Bulos R, Miller P, Swart R, Walker M, Munster P, Dees C, Haluska P, Maitland M, Marshall J, Hamid O and Kurzrock R [ASCO Abstract 2013]

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