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Course Syllabi


Midterm Progress Report (used for Clinical Internships I and II only)

All clinical sites are encouraged to update the Clinical Site Information Form (CSIF)Microsoft Word link icon annually. Students and faculty use your completed CSIF to learn more about your facility and clinical education program.

Relevant documents:

Student Information Form. Clinical Sites with assigned students will receive a Student Information Form (SIF) from the University approximately 8 weeks prior to the student's arrival. This form will contain demographic information about the student as well as the student's goals and objectives for the internship.

Midterm Progress Report. For clinical internships I and II, all clinical instructors and students are asked to complete this 2 page form and submit it to the DCE. This form allows the clinical instructor to evaluate the student at the halfway point during the internship. This form also provides the student with the opportunity to self-assess his or her strengths and weaknesses and to communicate these to the clinical instructor and DCE. Students are also asked to let the DCE know if the clinical instructor would like a phone call or site visit to discuss the student's performance.

Clinical Performance Instrument. UTHSC uses the web version of the APTA Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI) for the evaluation of student performance ( Clinical instructors are asked to complete this online form at midterm for internships III, IV and V, and at the conclusion of all internships. Use of the CPI as a self-assessment tool for the student is also required by the University. Clinical instructors and students should discuss the CPI evaluations.

Documentation of Contact Hours. The Department of Physical Therapy will provide documentation of clinical instructor contact hours following the completion of internships. Certificates with documentation of contact hours will be mailed out within a few months following the completion of the internship.

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