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Occupational Therapy Program

Established in 1988, the UTHSC program was the first accredited occupational therapy program in the state of Tennessee. The occupational therapy program is an entry-level master degree program that consists of 18 to 21 months on campus and nine months in two or three separate fieldwork sites. Upon graduation, graduates are highly sought after by employers. Many even find jobs prior to graduation. Because of the high standards of the occupational therapy program, graduates have an excellent reputation: 99% have obtained national certification.

Where do I learn as an Occupational Therapy Student?

A Master of Occupational Therapy is offered at the Memphis campus.

Broad Based Educational Experiences

Although trained in the Tennessee community and culture, entry-level therapists who graduate from the Program in Occupational Therapy in Memphis emerge as leaders and change agents who are prepared to accept challenges in the world of work outside of Tennessee and abroad. The occupational therapy graduate has a generalist education, which provides the foundation for practice in a wide range of settings or the option for specialization through continued education and training. Past graduates have pursued specialization in work hardening, hippotherapy, pediatrics, hand therapy, gerontology, and neurorehabilitation.

Wide Variety of Fieldwork Opportunities

The Occupational Therapy Program has an academic fieldwork coordinator who has developed relationships with fieldwork supervisors throughout the United States. After their on-campus courses students must complete three, three-month fieldwork experiences, which includes one of their own special interest. Students must be prepared to complete at least one of their affiliations outside the city of Memphis. Fieldwork placements abroad can be explored.

Preparation for Professional Responsibilities

Developing a strong occupational therapy identity is the foundation for the professional responsibilities that the therapist will face in a changing and challenging healthcare environment. The experienced occupational faculty serve as role models and mentors. A low faculty-student ratio and opportunities for individual and small group interactions provide a supportive and active learning environment conducive to professional development.

Education in a Health Science Center

The UTHSC in Memphis is an urban setting with opportunities to expose the student to the professional culture of a medical center while reaching out to the community through collaborative partnerships. Multi-disciplinary opportunities such as the Memphis Interdisciplinary School Project brought together occupational therapy, social work, medical, dental, and nursing students on teams which then went out to various elementary, middle, and high schools in the surrounding area to address the health and wellness concerns of that school. Lecturers from the College of Health Professions and from the other colleges on campus, such as medicine, nursing, and pharmacy are also a positive aspect of this program. Students often remark how different the professional environment is from other educational institutions they have attended. Although the academic demands of professional graduate programs are rigorous, students find opportunities to play intramural sports or participate in social events. While becoming an occupational therapy professional, the student also gains an understanding and appreciation of other professions and their contribution to health and wellness in our society.


The Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) has accredited the Memphis campus through the 2012/2013 academic year.

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UTHSC MOT Program Graduation Rates 2012-2015

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Graduate Employment

All graduates seeking employments had offers of employment within two months of graduation.

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