Admissions Requirements

A bachelor’s degree is not a requirement for admission to the Master of Occupational Therapy Program. To be eligible, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Completion of the following 90 credit hours of pre-requisite coursework with a grade of “C” or better in each course: (The biology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry and physics/applied kinesiology courses must be taken within the last five years and each must include a laboratory component. Higher level science courses may be substituted if current.) No credit is awarded for prior experiential learning to meet the prerequisite requirements. All prerequisite courses must be completed by August preceding the January admission, effective with students entering January 2015.

    Prerequisite Requirements  Credit Hours
    General Biology (or Zoology) 8
    Anatomy & Physiology 8
    General Chemistry 4
    Kinesiology 3
    English Composition 6
    Oral Communication 3
    General Psychology 3
    Lifespan Psychology (or Human Growth and Development)[1] 3
    Abnormal Psychology  3
    General Sociology 3
    Anthropology  3
    Humanities[2] 9
    Statistics 3
    Medical Terminology 1
    Electives[3] 30
    Total 90
    1. Course content MUST cover conception to death. More than one psychology course may be required to fulfill the across the lifespan requirement at some institutions.
    2. Recommended courses to complete the nine credit hours include foreign language (Spanish preferred), philosophy, logic, ethics, literature, and/or fine arts.
    3. Recommended  courses  include:  computer/technology,  kinesiology,  education,  technical  or  critical writing, logic, fine and performing arts, language and communication systems, philosophy, and industrial arts or activity-based courses (e.g., woodworking, ceramics, photography).  No more than four credits in activity-based courses are acceptable.
  2. Minimum grade point average (GPA) to apply is 3.0. A lower GPA may be considered with an exceptional score on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). A minimum score of 3.5 is required on the analytical portion of the GRE. If a required course is repeated both grades are used in the GPA calculation for the cumulative GPA. The credit hours assigned to the course may be counted only once in fulfilling the required number of hours.
  3. Satisfactory score on the GRE taken within the last five years. The highest score in each category will be considered if the test has been taken more than once.
  4. Completed application through the OT Centralized Application Service (OTCAS) on or before January 5 for the early admissions cycle and March 5 for the standard admissions cycle of the year prior to the January start date. The student will submit all official transcripts to OTCAS. In addition to coursework completed, the student will report the following information on OTCAS on or before the application deadline:
    1. Plan for completion of remaining pre-requisite coursework no later than the application deadline.
    2. GRE Scores
    3. Three professional or academic references (occupational therapist preferred)
    4. Volunteer observation hours
    5. Leadership experiences
    6. Essay
  5. For accepted applicants, submission of the following is required by October 1 prior to January start date:
    1. Ability to meet published technical standards of the College of Health Professions and the Master of Occupational Therapy degree program
    2. Background check
    3. Proof of Health insurance
    4. Official Transcripts showing completion of all pre-requisites with a “C” or better grade
    5. Official GRE Scores
  1. Coursework from another occupational therapy program may not be transferred to meet the requirements for admission to or graduation from the program.

Application Process

Application Deadline:
Early admissions cycle: January 5
Standard admissions cycle: March 5

Applications must be completed online.

The following forms may be completed and submitted to OT department as needed:

Proposed Plan (only for courses not completed by the application deadline)

Supplemental Volunteer Verification Form (Please send directly to the Department of Occupational Therapy via fax or email @ if you were unable to include this information in your OTCAS application.)

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