Leveling Program

Students who enter the program with a bachelor’s degree from another field may elect to complete undergraduate course requirements in one of two ways. First, students with a GPA of at least 3.5 in their undergraduate degree program (particularly in the undergraduate major) and a GRE score above 1000 may consider applying directly into the M.S. program. This will enter a student into a 3 year master's degree program. The advantage of this approach is that, once admitted, a student no longer has to worry about being granted entry into the graduate program. Additionally, this allows applicants to become eligible for Graduate Assistantships that include tuition waivers and monthly stipends. The disadvantage is that a student who is admitted but does not receive a graduate assistantship must pay graduate tuition.

For those students whose academic record does not exceed general admission guidelines, a second approach may be used. In cases like these, students may enter into the department as non-majors. This designation allows students to participate in all undergraduate coursework and pay undergraduate tuition. If, after a year of undergraduate coursework, the GPA within the department is sufficiently high, and the GRE score is adequate, the student may apply for full admission into the graduate program. Admission is not guaranteed, however, and students with borderline scores should also apply to other graduate programs.

In making the decision about which approach to take, it is often helpful to speak directly an undergraduate advisor or the Chair of Department.

Leveling Schedule

Fall: 15 hours

  • ASP 300 Intro to Communication Disorders
  • ASP 303 Intro to Hearing Science
  • ASP 305 Phonetics
  • ASP 320 Speech and Language Development
  • ASP 461 Intro to Language Pathologies in Children

Spring: 16 hours

  • ASP 302 Acoustics and Perception
  • ASP 306 Anatomy and Physiology
  • ASP 435 Intro to Speech Sound Disorders
  • ASP 473 Intro to Audiologic Assessment
  • ASP 494 Aural Habilitation/Rehabilitation
  • ASP 433 Observation of Clinical Practice (1 hr.)

Summer: 6 hours

  • ASP 431 Stuttering
  • ASP 440 Voice Disorders


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