Directions to the Hearing and Speech Center

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The Hearing and Speech Center is located at 1600 Peyton Manning Pass on the University of Tennessee campus.

Many residents of East Tennessee are familiar with the location of Neyland Stadium, home of UT's football Volunteers. Many of the Dept. of Audiology and Speech Pathology offices are located in the building underneath the stadium seating. This building is called South Stadium Hall, and our Dept. occupies the fourth and fifth floors.

The Center is located directly across Phillip Fulmer Way from the Stadium.

On-campus therapy services are provided in the Center, South Stadium Hall, and in the Pediatric Language Clinic. For directions to the PLC building, please contact our office.

First-time visitors, clients and families, will generally visit the main Hearing and Speech Center building first unless otherwise directed by staff members.

To reach the Center and South Stadium Hall

Cumberland Avenue is shown on the maps below as Highway 11. Cumberland can be reached either from Henley Street (411) downtown, or from I-40 by taking the Alcoa Highway exit (Hwy 129) then taking the Cumberland Avenue exit, which is the second one after getting on Alcoa Highway.

From Cumberland Avenue, when you reach the UT campus, turn onto Phillip Fulmer Way. Proceed down Fulmer Way about 5 blocks. When you see Neyland Stadium on the left, watch for Peyton Manning Pass on the right, directly across Fulmer Way from the stadium. The Hearing and Speech Center is on the corner of Fulmer Way and Manning Pass. Turn right on Manning Pass, then turn left into the driveway just to the right of the Hearing and Speech Center. Pull around back and park in visitor parking directly behind the building.

You will need to secure a temporary parking pass from the receptionist. If you have difficulty locating the Center, please call us at 865-974-5451.

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