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Dr. Thomas Davidson, Professor Emeritus, was a native Tennessean and beloved professor in the UT Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology. After his time at UT, Tom moved to Florida where he was director of the Hearing and Noise Control Center in Jacksonville and a salesperson for several hearing-aid companies. However, of all Tom's professional accomplishments, his work with students at UT was what he enjoyed most. In 1997, he and his wife, Vicki, a fellow audiologist, established the Tom Davidson Audiology Scholarship Endowment which has generously supported students pursuing graduate degrees in Audiology. Since his death in 2003, Vicki and Tom's daughter, Leigh Davidson Seaman, continue to support the legacy he created. Despite all that he did for our Department, Tom was never comfortable accepting singular recognition for his contributions to graduate education and insisted that he was one of many who made UT the high quality training program it is today.

Thus, the purpose of the Tom Davidson Memorial Conference is twofold, to:

  1. honor Tom's memory by creating an annual conference on current issues of interest to professionals who provide clinical services in Audiology and
  2. recognize other individuals (faculty or staff emeritus) who were as dedicated as Tom to the field of Audiology and the education of audiology students.

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