Graduate Student Executive Council (GSEC)
Accomplishments of 2015-2016

Graduate Student Enhancement and Career Preparation

  • Organized and host Graduate Research Day (annual)
  • Served as hosts for Quarterly Scientific Meetings
  • Served as hosts for Scientific Writing and Grant Writing seminars

Community Outreach

  • Conducted a T-shirt contest and fundraiser to benefit a charitable organization (annual)
  • Volunteer at Mid-south Food Bank
  • Participate in Relay for Life
  • Helped run a water station at St. Jude Marathon (annual)

Ongoing Administrative Goals

  • Work with CGHS administrators to discuss student fees and benefits
  • Plan future social events
  • Serve as hosts for visitations by students from other schools
  • Generate newsletter and feedback surveys
  • Organize a relay team for St. Jude Marathon
  • Double fundraising profits
  • Structure mentor/student feedback
  • Connect students with opportunities to learn more about career options