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Improving Adolescent Care in Internal Medicine Training

This study is designed to determine the impact of a college-based ambulatory clinic on Internal Medicine residency training in adolescent medicine. Here is the questionnaire used. For further information, contact Jim Lewis, MD, primary investigator.

Quality of Care for Hypertension and Risk Factors for Stroke and Cardiovascular Events under Medicaid Managed Care

Physicians' practice patterns and patients' health services exposures can have substantial impact on clinical outcomes for patients with hypertension.

This study, funded for 4 years through an American Heart Association Established Investigator Grant, seeks to demonstrate conclusively the health services exposures and physician practice patterns associated with the best clinical outcomes for hypertension for vulnerable patients under Medicaid managed care.

For more information contact Jim Bailey, MD, MPH, Principal Investigator.

eHealth Information Exchange Impact on Disease Specific Outcomes

This study, funded by and in collaboration with Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) with the support of the State of Tennessee and the Agency for Health Research and Quality, seeks to evaluate the impact of the Midsouth eHealth Alliance (MSeHA) Health Information Exchange (HIE) on disease specific outcomes. The research will determine whether the HIE has reduced unnecessary duplicate testing and hospitalization and overall healthcare costs for emergency evaluation and treatment of chest, back and abdominal pain and headache.

Jim Bailey, MD, MPH Principal Investigator

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