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Perkins Exit Counseling

Loans made through the Federal Perkins Loan Program, often called Perkins Loans, are low-interest federal student loans for undergraduate and graduate students with exceptional financial need. Perkins Loans exit counseling is required by federal law before they graduate.

  1. Students who have Perkins loans may complete the Perkins exit counseling online at Heartland (ECSI) Educational Computer System, Inc. Perkins loans must be repaid to UTHSC. Each student must contact the Bursars Office at / or 901- 448-5550 to discuss repayment options.
  2. Students are notified by paper mail and email from Educational Computer System, Inc. regarding completing exit loan counseling. Once the students receive the notification, the student must follow the instructions listed. The exit is completed online with instructions that are very simple to follow. A student can make Perkins loan payments online with ECSI.
  3. Students will first have to login to their account and profile, using their school code, account number, and self-selected password/pin.
    1. Each institution that ECSI services are assigned a unique school code. Please check the communication you received from ECSI to verify the school code you should use. Generally, the school code contains two alphanumeric characters.
    2. Please do not use any punctuation in the Account Number. Generally, this is your Social Security Number. If your school uses a different number like a Student Identification Number ("SID") or Personal Identification Number ("PID"), you will need to enter that information. Please check the communication you received from ECSI to verify the account number you should use.
    3. Initially, ECSI assigns each account a PIN/Password. This PIN/Password will be your password until you log into your account and change it. Students who have specific questions after completing the online exit counseling, or who prefer to have a "face-to- face" exit-counseling interview, should contact the UTHSC Financial Aid Literacy Coordinator's Office directly to schedule an appointment.

Last Published: Sep 14, 2018