Make-Up Presentations

For Those Employees That Missed The Annual Training Session

You have received a packet with all forms needed to verify your OSHA training for this year. On the Confirmation of OSHA Training - 2017 form you will find a link to a Full Presentation and/or an Update Presentation.

If you are a new employee to UTHSC/UTMG since the last annual training session, then you will have two presentations to view - one full and one update. If you have been a UTHSC/UTMG for more than one year and have previously had the full training, you only need to view the assigned update presentation.

Each program is a video recording of the annual OSHA training presentation held in July. Somewhere in each program is embedded a confirmation code. Place this (these) confirmation code number(s) on the Confirmation of OSHA Training - 2017 form, and sign and date the form. You will also need to sign (1) the employee confirmation statement on page 8 of the large packet, (2) the employee input form on page 9, and (3) the OSHA test on page 10. You must also contact the OSHA coordinator to get your TB skin test scheduled (call Kaycie Coppock at 448-5239).