New Products Protocol

How to bring new products into the workplace:

  1. Personal products that may be hazardous should be kept in your locker, desk, or purse. Examples of these products may include hair spray, hand sanitizers (most of these contain alcohol and thus are flammable), or other personal products. Please check the label before placing products of this nature on a counter top or on a shelf in the workplace. Products that qualify include office and cleaning supplies in addition to medical/chemical products. If in doubt about the necessity of listing the product, we will include the product on our inventory.
  2. Any new product in the workplace must be entered on the "Listing of materials used or produced in the workplace." This listing is found in The Hazard Communication Written Plan [29 Cfr 1910.1200] beginning on page 3. If the product contains hazardous material(s), it must be be identified on the inventory sheet as hazardous, an SDS must be obtained or available on the internet site, and it must be placed on the hazardous materials list. If the product is flammable or combustible, it must also be listed on the Flammable/Combustible List on page 6 of the Fire Prevention Written Plan [29 Cfr 1910. 39].
  3. Please help keep our workplace safe and legal by cooperating with this policy.