OSHA Inspection Protocol

  1. Ask to see the compliance officer's identification - this should be a TOSHA badge. Ask the compliance officer to be seated while you contact the OSHA coordinator. Try to seat him/her in a non-patient area. Contact the OSHA coordinator at 448 - 5883, 448 - 2639, or 355 - 1308. The OSHA coordinator will request a specific time for the inspection in order that the OSHA coordinator be present. If this can not be arranged, then the deputy OSHA coordinator for the office will accompany the compliance officer. The following questions are appropriate for the compliance officer:
    1. May i see your identification?
    2. Why are you here?
    3. What is (are) the complaint(s)?
    4. What, specifically, are you looking for?
  2. Answer all questions truthfully but do not volunteer information.
  3. If the compliance officer wishes to see documents, you may bring them to the compliance officer.
  4. If the compliance officer asks to visit other areas of the office, take them on the most direct route. Do not stop during transit.
  5. If simple corrections can be made on the spot, do so. Take notes and photographs of possible violations cited. Take notes on the compliance officer's actions - what he/she said, did, looked at, etc.
  6. There should be an exit interview at which time the compliance officer will explain any citations issued.
  7. The office will routinely appeal any OSHA citation(s). This must be done within 15 days.
  8. OSHA/TOSHA compliance officers will never accept payment for fines.