How to register a complaint about an unsafe workplace situation:

  1. Bring the complaint to your supervisor or to the OSHA deputy for the office to which you are assigned to work. The OSHA coordinator for the Hamilton Eye Institute at the University Of Tennessee, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center-Department of Ophthalmology, and UTMG-Ophthalmology, Germantown/Cordova Office is:
    William R. Morris, MD
    Hamilton Eye Institute at the University of Tennessee
    Room 475
    Telephone: 448-2639
    Cell: 355-1308
    Your employer will attempt to resolve this complaint if possible.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the resolution or no action is taken, you have the right to enter a formal complaint with OSHA or TOSHA. You may do that by calling the Tennessee or Federal OSHA office or by following the directions on OSHA's page: How to file a complaint with OSHAexternal link.
  3. Suggestions for improving your or your fellow employees' safety or health will be welcomed. Please give them to your supervisor or send them to the OSHA coordinator.