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16th Annual Clinical Update for the Comprehensive Ophthalmologist Held

December 8, 2012, the Hamilton Eye Institute hosted the 16th Annual Clinical Update for the Comprehensive Ophthalmologist, where our faculty and honored guests presented the latest discoveries, techniques and scientific data from their areas of ophthalmic subspecialty.

Dr. Matthew Wilson and Dr. Costarides
Dr. Matthew Wilson (left) presents Dr. Costarides an award in gratitude for his participation as an honored guest lecturer

Photo of Dr. Matthew Wilson (left) presents Dr. David Wilson
Dr. David Wilson (right) also received an award, in gratitude for his participation as the Arnold Distinguished Visiting Professor

We were particularly gratified to welcome our illustrious visiting speakers for this year's event. The I. Lee Arnold, MD, Distinguished Visiting Professorship Lecture was delivered by David J. Wilson, MD, Chair of the Department of Ophthalmology at Oregon Health and Science University and director of the Casey Eye Institute in Portland, Ore. Dr. Wilson also holds the Theile-Petti Chair in Ophthalmology and is director of the Christensen Eye Pathology Laboratory. He is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in vitreoretinal disease, ocular oncology and ophthalmic pathology.

We also welcomed featured guest lecturer, Anastasios Costarides, MD, PhD, the Pamela Humphrey Firman Professor of Ophthalmology and director of the glaucoma fellowship at Emory University School of Medicine. Dr. Costarides is a nationally and internationally recognized glaucoma expert and has been on Emory's faculty since 1999.

Dr. Wilson's and Costarides' lectures were very well received and informative. Following the lectures, Matthew W. Wilson, MD, FACS, St. Jude Chair of Pediatric Oncology and activity medical director for this event, presented to Dr. David Wilson the I. Lee Arnold, MD, Award for his outstanding contribution as this year's Arnold Distinguished Visiting Professor. Dr. Costarides also received an engraved award for his participation. We thank them and all of our participating faculty for their involvement in this year's clinical update meeting.

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