Medical Students

As an academic department of the University of Tennessee College of Medicine, the Department of Ophthalmology offers coursework in programs leading to the university’s Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree as well as the Doctor of Medicine (MD)/Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) combined degree. The department also offers elective courses for medical students who wish to broaden their understanding of ophthalmology. In addition, the Department offers summer internships to students of different education levels— high school and college students as well as students from medical schools other than UT—which provide greater exposure to the discipline of ophthalmology. Students at all of these education levels have the opportunity to observe faculty members as they perform surgeries or clinics.

Associate Professor of Ophthalmology William R. Morris, MD, serves as HEI’s director of medical student education. He also holds a monthly Student Interest Group in Ophthalmology (SIGIO) for the purposes of:

  • educating medical students about the specialty of Ophthalmology as a career choice,
  • increasing their knowledge of diseases of the eyes and their adnexae, examination techniques, and the eyes' relationship to systemic diseases, and
  • offering opportunities for medical students to become involved in community service, research, or other scholarly activities at HEI.

Dr. Barrett G. Haik has also served as a mentor for medical students in a program directed by Suzanne Gronemeyer that was funded by the National Institutes of Health. A number of students also perform laboratory rotations under the guidance of our research faculty through the NIH Medical Research Student Fellowship Program.


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