Diabetes Awareness Month

We showcased diabetes awareness, prevention and treatment information throughout the month of November. Thank you to all who participated.

We have concluded the series of mini seminars presented by various divisions and departments of the College of Medicine. If you missed one or more of our presentations, or would just like to see the information again, we have the slideshows below.

"Ask the Endocrinologist"

As part of Diabetes Awareness Month, our doctors answered questions concerning diabetes and diabetes care throughout the month of November.

Here are some samples:

QUESTION: What OTC medication/cream do you recommend for diabetic foot pain that is just in the beginning stages? My husband is a brittle diabetic of >10 years and has just recently developed some pain in both feet. We have tried Zostrix cream, with capsaicin, and it worked all right but is a bit expensive.

ANSWER: The UT Endo Diabetes team at Medplex includes a foot doctor. The practice of self-medication or home remedies for diabetes related foot problems is to be greatly discouraged. The best approach is to have the problem examined and treated by the experts. There are many potential treatments for foot pain in diabetes, but a proper diagnosis must precede the use of any medications or creams.

QUESTION: What is the 'trigger' between pre-diabetes and actual diabetes?

ANSWER: The diagnostic criteria for diabetes includes having on two occasions any of the following: 1) a fasting glucose level of 126 or higher, 2) a 2-hour oral glucose tolerance test of 200 or higher, or 3) a hemoglobin A1C of 6.5 or higher. A person with pre-diabetes is someone who has values for the above that are higher than the normal population, but not high enough to be labeled as diabetes.i Thus, pre-diabetes is a matter of degree.

The same risk factors that lead to diabetes are also risks for pre-diabetes.

These include:

  1. Obesity,
  2. Age > 45 years old,
  3. Physical inactivity,
  4. Family history of type 2 diabetes,
  5. being a member of the African American/Native American/Hispanic American/ Pacific Islander race,
  6. history of gestational diabetes

QUESTION: What is a good per meal carbohydrate intake for those with pre-diabetes?

ANSWER: Eating well-balanced meals is an essential part of taking better care of oneself. The important thing to always remember is to eat a well balanced diet. "Try to achieve the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommendation."

  • Dietary fiber (14 g fiber/1,000kcal) and foods containing whole grains (one-half of grain intake).
  • Saturated fat intake should be 7% of total calories. Trans fat should be minimized.
  • Monitor carbohydrate, whether by carbohydrate counting, exchanges, or experience-based estimation.

The recommended dietary allowance for digestible carbohydrate is 130 g/day and is based on providing adequate nutrition.

For additional information please call Trish Hill at 901-448-5318.

Slideshow Archive

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Dwain Woode M.D., Fellow, Division of Endocrinology
"Diabetes: An Introduction"Opens in Acrobat
Monday, November 2nd

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Christie Green M.D., Asst. Professor of Medicine, Division of Nephrology
"Diabetic Nephropathy"Opens in Acrobat
Wednesday November 4th

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Preeti Dube M.D., Cardiology Fellow
"Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases"Opens in Acrobat
Friday, November 6th

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Mohamad Ayman Haykal M.D., Resident, Department of Neurology
"Neurological Complications of Diabetes"Opens in Acrobat
Monday November 9th

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Dr. John Bell, Podiatrist
"Common Pedal Problems in the Diabetic Patient"Opens in Acrobat
Wednesday, November 11th

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Dr. Kristopher Fisher, Dept of Dermatology
"Care of the Skin" (no slides)
Thursday, November 12th

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Dr. Cassandra Holder-Ballard, Associate Professor and Acting Chair, Dept of Dental Hygiene
"Diabetes and the Oral Cavity"Opens in Acrobat
Monday, November 16th

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Dr. Julie Foreman, UTHSC Fellow, Department of Ophthalmology
"Diabetic Retinopathy: What is it, who gets it, and can I prevent it?"Opens in Acrobat
Wednesday, November 18, 2009