Office 365 Email Pre-Migration Checklist

Please review the following as you prepare to upgrade your UTHSC account to Office 365 Email. The following items should be completed 2 business days before your scheduled migration. If you have any questions, contact the ITS HelpDesk at (901) 448-2222 or online at

Core Folders

You will experience slow or sluggish performance if the item count in your top-level Inbox, Sent Items, Calendar, or Contacts/People folders (subfolders excluded) exceeds the Microsoft requirements listed below.

​Core Folder Office 365 Requirements
​Inbox 16,000 messages
Sent Items ​16,000 messages
Calendar 4,000 items
​Contacts/People 4,000 entries

Log in to your Exchange Account Management page with your NetID/Password, select Check Mail Quota from the left hand menu, and you will be able to see your email folder item counts and quota settings.

Accommodating Size Limits and Archiving Your Mail

How can I clean up or move emails in Outlook to accommodate the limits? These links can help.


Review any sharing permissions associated with your account(s). These permissions will migrate when you move. Exchange users who have not yet migrated will not have access to your account until they move. Anyone whom you have delegated permissions with may receive an Outlook error when your account is migrated. Once they have moved to Office 365 Email the permissions will be restored.


Check Your Username and Password

Your username for Office 365 is and your password will be your NetID password. All faculty and staff, regardless of primary email address, will have a username in the format of

Go to and log in to verify that you are able to access your existing Office 365 account which includes OneDrive and Office Web Apps. Once you have migrated, access to Email, Calendar, and Contacts will be added via the Mail. Calendar, and People icons.

Outlook for PC and Mac

ITS recommends Outlook 2013 for PC and Outlook 2011 for Mac. If you are not using these versions of Outlook, we recommend you upgrade.

Check your version of Outlook and upgrade if needed. You can download and install the latest version of Microsoft Office on UT-owned computers from the ITS Software Download website.

Additional information about your migration

Permissions, including calendar sharing, between our on campus Exchange system and Office 365 Email is not supported by Microsoft. You will not have access to these resources for Exchange users who have not migrated, nor will they have access to yours.

The retention policy for permanently deleted items is 14 days. Office 365 Email accounts are not backed up by Microsoft and ITS will no longer be able to restore files from backup should they be inadvertently deleted.

The default send limit in Office 365 is 500 recipients. If your email send limit has been increased to more than 500 recipients, please contact the ITS HelpDesk for information about your options.

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