Office 365 Email Post-Migration Checklist

Information for Faculty, Staff, and Departmental Accounts

  • ​Username ​
  • ​Password ​NetID Password
  • ​Web Access ​ (May take up to 2 hours to be available; this site replaces for migrated users)

*Note: NetID password changes will now take up to 15 minutes to sync to your Office 365 Email account.

What to Expect after the Upgrade

Outlook for PC and Mac

If you are using the Outlook client (either PC or Mac), you should be prompted to log in to Outlook; you may also be prompted to restart Outlook or accept the new autodiscover settings. You will log in with your username. You may have to perform this task 2-3 times before your client will connect to your new Office 365 Email account. If you need to set up a new computer, or if you are having trouble with your existing setup, you may need to delete and re-add your account. Configuration instructions below:

*Outlook 2010/2013 Add-Ins: ITS recommends that you disable the SharePoint Social Connector and the OCS 2007 Add-Ins found under File > Options > Add-Ins > Manage COM Add-Ins

Mobile Devices and Apple Mail, iCal, and Contacts

If you have setup your email on your mobile device, our recommendation is to delete and re-add your account. Many clients will auto-discover, but if they do not, the basic setup information is below:

  • ​Username:​
  • ​Password: NetID password
  • Server Address: ​

Instructions for configuring Email on your mobile device are listed below


If you are using an IMAP or POP client, such as Thunderbird, please note that these clients are not fully supported by ITS, but documentation is available on Microsoft's website. Your client will need to be updated with the new IMAP/POP server information. Information about IMAP/POP settings are available in the ITS Knowledge Base.

Information about Clutter

Clutter is a feature in Office 365 designed to move low priority message out of your Inbox and into your Clutter folder, saving you time when you scan for important messages. Additional information about Clutter, including instructions to disable Clutter, are available here.

Information about Permissions

Sharing permissions, such as calendar, send as, and full mailbox, will migrate when you move. You may not have access to Exchange calendars for those users who have not migrated and Exchange users who have not migrated may not have access to your account until they move. Some Outlook 2010/2013 users may need to re-open shared calendars.

Email Retention Policy

The retention policy for permanently deleted items is 14 days. Office 365 Email accounts are not backed up by Microsoft and ITS will no longer be able to restore files from backup should they be inadvertently deleted.

​Email Aliases and Reply-To Address

​Your email aliases and reply-to address will be unaffected by the migration. ​

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