Archive Mail in Outlook for Macintosh

This tutorial will show you how to automatically move mail out of your Exchange mailbox, and place it on your local computer's hard drive. As always, make sure you have a backup plan for your computer in the event of a system failure or theft. Once this mail is moved out of the Exchange mailbox system, you will be the only one who has a copy.

You will first need to make sure you can see the On My Computer folder in Outlook 2011. In Outlook 2011, click on the Outlook menu at the top of your screen, choose Preferences, then General. Uncheck the box that says Hide On My Computer folders. Now we are ready to get started.

  1. Right-click (or ctrl-click) the On My Computer heading (probably at the bottom of your folder list) and choose New Folder

    .screen shot of step 1
  2. Give your folder a name such as Archived Mail.
  3. Next, from the Tools menu select Rules.
  4. Under the On My Computer heading, select Exchange in the rules window, and click the "+" sign to add a new rule.
    ** Remember, rules are processed in order from top to bottom in the list. Use the arrows to adjust the rule order.
  5. Rule name: 180 Day Auto Archive, or whatever is suitable.
  6. When a new message arrives: define the criterion as "Date Received" + "is greater than or equal to" + "180" ... days old
  7. Do the Following: define the action as "Move message" + "Archived Mail (On My Computer)"
    **Note: If you do not see the folder you wish to archive to, you will need to click on the drop down next to "Move Message" and select Choose Folder... then search for the archive folder. Under the folder name, the location "On My Computer" should be displayed.

    screen shot of step 7
  8. Finally, Click OK, making sure that the Enabled button is selected
  9. If you would like to apply this rule to your current mailbox, from the Message menu, select Rules, then select the rule you would like to process.
    **Note: This process may take some time to run initially, depending on how much mail you have in your Inbox.
    **Note: If you want to archive your entire mailbox, you will need to run this rule on each folder individually.

    screen shot for step 9